How To Select The Right Metso Cone Crusher For Your Needs

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When you need to add reliable crushing capabilities to your aggregates or mining operations, partnering with the right equipment provider makes all the difference. For maximum crushing performance, many companies turn to Metso cone crushers.

With their combination of high throughput capacity, versatile configurations, and reliability, Metso cone crushers enable you to maximize productivity while keeping costs low.

Understanding Metso’s Cone Crusher Product Lines

rock crushing machineryMetso has over a century of experience in crushing, and their cone crushers reflect their advanced engineering and extensive research. Metso’s cone crusher offering consists of machines such as the HP, HP3-HP6, GP300s, and GP500s.

These product lines have proven themselves in mining and aggregate applications worldwide. The HP Series cone crushers, such as the HP200, HP300, HP400, and HP500, are designed for reliable high performance in secondary, tertiary, and quaternary stages of crushing both in aggregates and mining applications.

The HP cone crusher line offers a unique blend of crusher speed, throw, and cavity design for high capacity and superior product quality. For demanding secondary crushing applications, the GP300s and GP500s excel. They deliver high productivity, ease of maintenance, and reliability even in the harshest conditions and toughest applications.

GP cone crushers are specifically designed for high performance in secondary crushing, and they have proven their capabilities in aggregate production and mining.

When assessing your specific needs, narrowing your options comes down to properly aligning the physical and performance attributes of each crusher to your operational requirements. Key factors when selecting Metso cone crushers include:

  • Crushing Capacity: Higher capacity crushers can crush more tons per hour, resulting in more efficient throughput.
  • Feed Opening Size: The crusher’s feed opening must be large enough to accept the largest rocks from your crushing circuit.
  • Closed Side Setting Range: You must have the ability to set your minimum output size within the range you need.
  • Crushing Stage: Is the crusher being used in secondary, tertiary, or quaternary applications? This impacts your options.
  • Portability: Stationary, mobile, and portable plants are available across Metso cone crusher lines.

When you match the physical dimensions and capabilities of each crusher option to your specific needs, you ensure the best fit for your operational goals.

HP Series Cone Crushers For Versatility

The HP series cone crushers include the HP200, HP300, HP400, and HP500 models and are versatile systems designed for reliable, high-performance crushing in secondary, tertiary, and quaternary applications.

With their combination of variable speed, throw, and cavity design, HP series crushers produce end products efficiently. They deliver high-capacity crushing capabilities with an excellent reduction ratio and consistent product size. The series includes a range of options to meet different capacity needs.

HP cone crushers are an ideal choice for aggregate production and mining:

  • rock crushing plant sceneTheir heavy-duty design stands up to challenging requirements in aggregates and mining environments.
  • They work well in secondary, tertiary, and quaternary stages with their higher speed and throw capabilities, producing finer end products if needed.
  • Their higher density improves inter-particle crushing action, which results in high capacity, superior particle shape, and consistent gradation.
  • HP series cone crushers are available in stationary or mobile configurations. They provide application flexibility.

When you need versatile, high-performance crushing, the Metso HP series should be on your equipment shortlist. The HP models provide reliable and predictable production combined with low operating costs.

HP3 & Larger – Configured For High Throughput

For large mining and quarrying applications, Metso’s HP3, HP4, HP5, and HP6 cone crushers offer high capacity and throughput capabilities. They utilize the same proven cone-crushing technology as the HP series crushers in a larger, more robust form.

The HP3, HP4, HP5, and HP6 cone crushers are designed for:

  • Reliable, high-capacity secondary or tertiary crushing without compromising the end product shape and gradation.
  • Operating flexibility through the ability to function in open or closed circuits for coarser or finer end products.
  • Heavy-duty design and construction for challenging mining environments and materials.
  • High throughput capabilities with capacities up to 600 Mtph (661 Stph).

Larger feed openings, higher motor power, and increased crushing force make these Metso cone crushers well-suited for larger-scale, demanding applications in aggregates and mining. When high production and low cost per ton are essential, the HP3 through HP6 crushers should be part of your equipment evaluation.

GP300s & GP500s – Purpose-built For Secondary Crushing

The GP300s and GP500s cone crushers were specifically engineered for the secondary crushing stage in aggregate production and mining, where feed flow may vary, and feed size ranges from coarse to extra fine.

These Metso GP secondary cone crushers are built with a large feed opening versus crusher size ratio.

This characteristic allows them to successfully accept larger feeds and process them without bridging or blocking. The large feed opening also enables you to operate the primary jaw crusher with a larger closed-side setting, extending its lifetime.

The benefits you will realize by incorporating a GP secondary cone crusher into your crushing circuit include the following:

  • yellow excavator loading anthracite into a coal crusher in an open mineAppropriate crushing chamber profiles and settings that allow processing of all feed sizes with minimal creation of quarry fines. This maximizes yield.
  • Advanced crushing chamber technology that provides easy adaptation to specific feed gradations and material characteristics.
  • Heavy-duty design backed by over a century of Metso-crushing experience for reliability even in the most demanding environments.
  • Capability to accept larger feed sizes versus crusher size to prevent bridging and enhance primary crusher performance.

For efficient, high-productivity secondary crushing, GP series cone crushers are an ideal solution. Their heavy-duty design and versatility deliver consistent, reliable output even in challenging applications.

Let Mellott Guide You In Choosing The Best Metso Solution For Your Needs

Selecting the ideal Metso cone crusher for your operational needs requires careful evaluation of your application’s requirements and properly matching those to each crusher model’s physical and performance attributes. By assessing factors such as capacity, feed opening, crusher stage, and portability, you can narrow down your selection to find the perfect fit.

Let Mellott’s expertise guide you as you move forward with your Metso cone crusher selection. With extensive experience in crushing solutions and as an authorized Metso distributor, we can help guide you through the various Metso cone crushers to ensure your choice aligns with your needs.

Contact us today at 888.621.8533 or online to leverage our knowledge of Metso equipment to get the ideal cone crusher for your aggregate or mining application.