5 Tips On Buying A Used Jaw Crusher For Sale

two rental jaw crushers side by side

Are you looking for a used jaw crusher for sale? Buying a pre-owned jaw crusher can be an excellent way to save money and still get the best value. However, it is important to consider all the parts of a jaw crusher before making your purchase. In this article, we will give you five tips on how to buy a used jaw crusher so that you can get the most out of your investment.

A quality pre-owned jaw crusher will provide reliable performance and reduce the cost of production over time. However, with so many models on the market, it’s important to understand the key parts of a jaw crusher so that you can make an informed decision prior to purchasing one.

Parts of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crushers are an important piece of equipment for any construction or mining operation. When purchasing a used jaw crusher, it is important to understand the parts of it so you are sure that it functions properly. Parts of a jaw crusher include:

  • Fixed and moving jaws
  • Toggle plate
  • Pitman
  • Eccentric shaft
  • Flywheel

C160 jaw crusherThe fixed and moving jaws of this crusher are designed to crush rocks by compressing them between two solid surfaces. The hardness of the rock being crushed will determine how much force is needed on each side of the jaw.

The toggle plate helps transfer power from one side of the jaw crusher to the other while keeping material in place during crushing operations. The pitman transfers power from one side to another and helps keep material in place when crushing rock. It also holds tension rods that help adjust the size of the opening between the jaws as needed.

By understanding all parts, it is easy to see why having knowledge about each one is essential when buying a previously owned jaw crusher. Not only does having insights into each piece allow for better maintenance, but it also allows buyers to get an idea about what their options are should future repairs be necessary.

5 Tips When Buying a Pre-Owned Jaw Crusher

1. Research the Parts of a Used Jaw Crusher

Take time to understand the different parts of a used jaw crusher before making a purchase. Parts such as bearings, flywheels, shafts, and jaws need to be checked for wear and tear before buying. This will help to get a good deal on the machine.

2. Check Operating History and Condition

Before purchasing a used jaw crusher, it is important to check its operating history. Ask for records from previous owners detailing any repairs or replacements made to the machine over its lifetime. Also, inspect the condition of the machine for signs of wear and tear, including structural integrity and functionality of all components.

3. Inspect for Safety Features

When looking at used jaw crushers for sale, make sure that safety features such as guards are in place. This helps prevent any potential accidents that are avoided when operating the machinery.

4. Consider Price Versus Quality

It is important to consider price versus quality. Although cheaper machines may initially seem attractive due to their lower cost, they may not hold up well over time or offer adequate performance compared to higher-end models.

Moreover, keep in mind that lower-cost machines may require more frequent parts replacements than higher-quality models. Parts of jaw crushers can wear out quickly due to regular use and need replacing regularly; this could mean additional costs over time if quality is sacrificed in favor of price.

5. Ask About Financing Options

New Track Mounted Rebuild CenterMany sellers offer financing options on used jaw crushers to encourage buyers who may not have enough available cash available to purchase a machine outright.

One popular option is equipment financing. With this type of loan, lenders provide capital to businesses in exchange for ownership of the purchased equipment. This provides the borrower with an immediate injection of funds and eliminates the need to spend large amounts of money upfront. Equipment financing also offers tax advantages, as it allows businesses to deduct interest payments from their taxes.

Another option is leasing equipment instead of purchasing outright. Leasing is a great choice for those who require short-term use of a product or want to reduce upfront costs and avoid long-term debt.

Making the Most Out of Used Equipment With Mellott

The money saved from buying a used jaw crusher can be invested in other areas of construction and machinery maintenance to improve performance or efficiency. This may include purchasing more parts or repairs for an existing machine, as well as investing in resources like new software or training for workers.

No matter what you use the money saved for, used jaw crushers, when purchased properly, can provide access to high-quality equipment at a fraction of the cost. To learn more, contact Mellott today at 855-554-1606.