What Are The Benefits Of Wheeled Mobile Plants?

Wheel-mounted mobile plants are used for rock crushing and can be utilized in a variety of different ways. These plants are mainly used for crushing rock into smaller sizes for use in construction projects that need a flexible and efficient rock crusher. Additionally, wheeled mobile plants offer a higher level of flexibility as they can be easily transported to different job sites.

Mobile systems can offer construction teams easy access to a flexible and powerful tool. Setup times are minimized, efficiency is increased, and jobs are completed with ease. These systems can also work in any environment regardless of the area and infrastructure.

The main benefits of wheeled mobile plants include:

  • Affordability – Wheeled mobile plants often are cheaper than other similar options
  • Versatility – These pieces of equipment can be used anywhere and can be set up with a minimal environmental footprint
  • Larger volume – Wheeled mobile pants often offer more capacity to handle materials
  • Efficiency – These pieces of equipment can help your team work smarter, not harder.

There are a few key reasons why it may be a smart decision to rent a wheeled mobile plant rather than buy one. The first reason is that these machines can be expensive, and if you only need them for a short period of time it might not be worth the investment. Additionally, if your business is in a location that is constantly changing, it might make more sense to rent the equipment instead of buying it outright. This way, you can avoid having to sell or store the machine when you’re done using it.

Differences Between Tracked and Wheeled Mobile Plants

When choosing the right crushing and screening equipment, it’s important to understand the different types of mobile plant equipment’s. The wrong choice can cost you a lot of money and time, so understanding what will work best in your environment is key to making the best decision for your business.

Tracked Mobile Plants

Tracked machines are quickly repositioned and operational in minutes, making them easy to operate. Their user-friendly controls do not require a high level of experience, and mobile plants feed one another with clean transitions eliminating transfer conveyors. Plus, self-contained power units allow them to work in remote regions regardless of infrastructure.

Many portable plants are either all electric, powered by an onsite generator or line power, or come equipped with an onboard diesel gen-set. The functions of the plants are driven by electric motors, which are extremely efficient. Operators report lower operating costs compared to track equipment, and ease of maintenance. In addition, portable wheeled plants cost less per ton than mobile tracked ones.

Wheeled Mobile Plants

Wheeled mobile plants cost less to purchase and rent than tracked equipment, because they don’t require the expensive undercarriage that track machinery needs. Wheels are easier to maintain than tracks, with fewer moving parts that wear down more quickly. It is also cheaper to operate since it requires less overhead in maintenance, which translates into lower operating costs for you. Wheeled mobile plants can often be driven from site to site rather than transported on a trailer pulled by an additional truck. This saves money, and time. You won’t need to call in a truck and trailer, load it up, ship it out and unload it.

The wheeled mobile plants are versatile as they can be fitted with a variety of attachments. This attribute makes them useful for a range of applications from digging and trenching to material spreading and snow plowing. You can even equip wheeled machines with slip over tracks, converting them to versatile track machines where the situation is right.

Rent Wheeled Mobile Plants From The Professionals

When you rent your wheeled mobile plants from Mellott, you can be sure that the equipment you receive will be maintained to the highest standard and functionality. Our team are experts in this industry and have decades of experience working with this type of equipment. Reach out today at (855) 554-1606 to learn more about our wheeled mobile plants and to let us help you find the right equipment for your next project.

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