How Rock Crusher Upgrades Can Improve Production

rocks getting loaded onto a rock crusher

Change is a necessary part of the aggregate industry. There comes a time when equipment needs to be upgraded or adjusted to prevent downtime and keep a plant running smoothly.

Rock crushers are no exception to this.

Your goal with these machines, besides crushing rock, of course, is to maximize the value of each system component. That’s why equipment upgrades are so fundamental to a rock crushing operation’s success. The right upgrade can keep throughput humming efficiently, improve your end product, and make your team’s life easier.

If you’re considering upgrades as the summer sets in, here’s how you can know when your equipment needs to upgrade and how you can make sure it’s the right choice for your crusher and operation. We’ll then take a look at all the ways upgrades can benefit you.

How do you know you need upgrades?

Look into commonly replaced parts.

While some parts of a crusher can last for years without significant breakdown, most need to be replaced regularly.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications and user manuals specify the exact amount of time between replacements, and each component can have a different wear life depending on your application.

Since you need to replace and remove these parts periodically, why not look into available upgrades and improvements as you replace them?

Your wear liners, lubrication systems, screen partsfeeders, and more may have new and improved versions available for you to take advantage of. We know it can be challenging to make a change after using the same type of v-belt or screening media for 20 years, but sometimes the most minor changes can make the most significant difference.

After all, old machines produce 30% more with upgrades.

Additionally, upgrades can become necessary if you’re looking to increase production capacity. When you start reaching the limits of your current crusher and require more to crush the material you’re producing, that’s problematic. The right upgrade can get you back on track and at a higher production capacity than before.

Keep up with supplier recommendations.

Supplier recommendations are also essential. Not following them is a common reason why so many crushers fail and why so many pieces of equipment need upgrades. Manufacturers and suppliers are often your best source for knowing when there are improvements to be made and advancements in crushing equipment technology.


Although it is important to work with a supplier who understands your situation and needs.

At Mellott, we partner with providers like Metso, who offer timely and profitable upgrade recommendations on all the parts we source from them. When it comes to the crushing equipment you purchase or rent from Mellott, we won’t shoehorn you into making upgrades or purchasing parts that aren’t ideal for your crushing requirements.

Consult a crushing expert.

Suppliers can provide much insight into an upgrade, but they can’t be as hands-on in their assessment as a crushing expert or engineer.

A full crusher inspection can go a long way in helping you locate and decide on what upgrades you might want or need for your equipment.

At Mellott, we don’t just upgrade and repair crushers – we use them, too. We have deep experience with rock crushing. So, we know firsthand how important it is to avoid downtime and to ensure you have the best equipment available.

The right experts can not only recommend crusher improvements and upgrades for your entire plant, like adding an application, belt, or shoot. They can also help you order, transport, and install those upgrades.

While most mechanical upgrades on a crusher’s components are simple, electrical or hydraulic upgrades often require specific skill sets. That’s why an expert touch is also good to have on hand.

We’ve been servicing crushers for over 50 years, and our southern service center, Marion Machine, has upgraded and rebuilt over 2,000 crushers since its founding in 1934. The bottom line is that you need someone you can trust to make your upgrades worthwhile.

How can equipment upgrades benefit you?

Any crusher upgrade should be a net positive experience for every aspect it affects- your equipment, team, and end product- or it simply doesn’t make sense to have one. With that in mind, here are a few specific positives you can reap from upgrading your equipment.

Better product quality and greater efficiency

Once you’ve targeted and implemented your upgrades, your end products, no matter production applications or requirements can receive a major boost.

Depending on what you’re planning to crush – asphalt, limestone, or even if you’re recycling concrete- the right upgrade can improve the quality substantially.

If your crusher has all the upgrades it needs, then it will be producing at its full capacity, and you be able to recognize what you’ll need to ramp up production next year past that level and how even more quality improvement can be made.

Improve user-friendliness and safety.

At the end of the day, everyone wants their job to be efficient and safe. That’s why upgrades are so vital. The right new or replaced part can help your team boost their daily output without bending over backward or losing time. This will make personnel happier and increase your bottom line.

Rock crushing machinery is very powerful. Out of date or broken equipment can turn that power against you and cause safety issues. A timely upgrade can help protect everyone involved in an operation and bring a piece of mind to machine operators.

We always strive to create a safe work environment that minimizes the risk of incidents. Over the years, we’ve developed a focus on safety that’s become foundational to our organization and improved our operations. This is why you should…

Partner with Mellott to Ensure Optimal Upgrades

There’s no denying that change is hard. But, in the case of crusher upgrades, when it boosts your capacity and results in a positive ROI, it’s for the best.

Want to ensure that you’re upgrading parts and equipment when you need to? Or are you looking for new equipment you can depend on? Get in touch with us.

At Mellott, we’ve been maintaining crushers for decades with dependable parts and services. We can work with you to ensure that you’re phasing out your equipment in a way that will boost your plant’s capacity through high-quality upgrades.

You can find and purchase the crusher parts you’re looking for in our online product listing or get in touch with us online if your crushing needs are more specific.