What Are Ultra Fine Recovery Systems?

Ultra Fines Recovery systems, or UFRs, are designed to capture small particles that are released during the production of aggregates. UFRs are an important part of the aggregate production process, as they help to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.

Benefits Of UFRs For Aggregate Producers

UFRs offer several benefits for aggregate producers. These include:

Adhere To Strict Permitting Requirements

If your project needs to adhere to strict environmental and recycling objectives, UFRs can help you reduce the total load of solids. This is very helpful if you have limited land resources and need to reduce solids reporting.

Reduce Wear and Tear

Second, UFRs can help to reduce wear and tear on equipment. The small particles can cause significant wear and tear on machinery, which can lead to costly repairs or replacement parts. UFRs help to reduce this wear and tear by minimizing the presence of harmful solids, which can save producers money in the long run.

Repurpose Waste Materials

Third, UFRs can help to reproduce a solid product that can be reused by aggregate producers. This material can then be resold or repurposed for additional usage.

Mellott UFRs

Ultra Fine Recovery systems play an important role in the aggregate production process. UFRs help producers recover valuable materials that would otherwise be lost in the aggregate production process while also producing standalone materials. UFRs also help producers produce a higher quality product while reducing emissions and energy consumption. UFRs are a key part of modern aggregate production and provide many benefits to producers.

Our line of UFRs offers top-of-the-line features that can help you:

  • Reduce the total cost of operations
  • Create resale value from waste
  • Recover the maximum amount of fine materials
  • Increase your bottom line

If you are looking for equipment that can help you recover the fine materials from your dewatering machine or other pieces of aggregate equipment, our line of DFRs can get the job done.

Available UFRS

How Ultra Fine Recovery Systems Work?

Ultra Fine Recovery systems are delivered for easy assembly and rapid setup. The user-friendly unit is designed with the benefit of easy maintenance and can be flexibly configured to fit any operation.

UFRs use a series of screens to separate small particles from larger ones. Feed from the processing plant’s waste stream enters into the sump, and a control valve automatically utilizes plant overflow water to maintain the sump level. When pumped to one or more hydrocyclones, slurry can be dewatered and recovered material directed to the underflow or used to balance the sump level. A stackable and conveyable dewatering screen is available to further dewater hydrocyclone underflow and remove any solids or liquids that can be recirculated for recovery.

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