Trust the aggregate production experts for your systems engineering, design, and fabrication needs. Our systems engineering processes can help you manage the complexities of large-scale projects in the production of aggregate materials. By breaking down the project into smaller parts and organizing/designing them in a targeted manner, our systems engineering approach can help you make it easier to identify potential problems and find solutions. It also helps ensure that all aspects of the project are coordinated and work as efficiently as possible. Mellott works in the following fields:

  • Aggregate processing (rock crushing)
  • Slag/metallic recovery
  • Stationary plants
  • Sand and gravel
  • Concrete/asphalt recycling
  • Portable wheeled plants


What Are Systems Engineering Services?

Systems engineering services in aggregate production are responsible for the design and fabrication of the plant and equipment used in facilities as well as mobile project sites. We work with clients to ensure that the plants you need to be made are efficient and meet all safety requirements.

Additionally, we oversee the construction of these facilities and ensure that they are up and running properly and according to the specifications you need to adhere to. In short, systems engineering services are essential for ensuring that aggregate production plants run smoothly, safely, and efficiently based on your unique use case.

Benefits Of Custom Systems Engineering

When it comes to producing aggregate materials for construction projects, having a well-designed and efficiently operated system is essential. Proper equipment and machinery in place based on your project’s needs will ensure that the aggregate materials are produced quickly and to specification, while also minimizing wear and tear on the equipment. In addition, a good system will help to keep costs down by maximizing the use of resources while helping to optimize the plant’s layout and performance so it is precisely designed to handle the specific materials that you are working with.

There are several benefits of using a systems design approach in aggregate production. First, a well-designed system can improve production efficiency. This means that more material can be produced in a given time, which can lead to faster completion of construction projects.

Another benefit of using a systems design approach is that it can help to improve product quality. By carefully coordinating the various steps in the production process, it is much more possible to produce aggregate materials that meet or exceed all applicable specifications. This can be important for ensuring that the finished product meets the needs of the customer or project use case.

Finally, using a systems design approach can help to keep costs down. By maximizing the use of resources and optimizing the production process, it is often possible to produce aggregate materials at a much lower cost.

Proven & Experience-Driven Systems Engineering and Design Services From Mellott

Our professional services stand out due to the personalized attention we place on each of our client’s unique needs. Depending on your project’s specific requirements, we can custom-fabricate and design plants and equipment for your needs.

For more information on our team of industry professionals who can help you design the systems approach that is best for your operational needs, reach out to our team today at (855) 554-1606 or fill out our form below.

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