What Are Log Washers?

Log washers are machines that are used to clean and polish rocks and aggregate mixtures that have tough-to-remove substances present. They work by spraying a stream of water onto the rocks while they are rotating in order to remove plastic and clay contaminants from the mixture.

This process deeply cleans the rocks and removes any dirt or debris that is on them. This makes them less likely to cause damage to equipment or people when they are used in aggregate mixtures. Log washers also help to remove any clay or mud that may be on the rocks, which can cause problems when the rocks are used in mixtures with specific requirements.

What Are Sand Screws?

Sand screws are a type of screw specifically designed for processing sand. These pieces of equipment get their name from the unique screw shape that helps them perform their processing. They have a wide, flat blade that helps to break up clumps of sand and mix them with other materials. This makes the sand more uniform and consistent, which leads to a better quality finished product. Sand screws also help to reduce the amount of time and energy needed to process sand, making them a popular choice in many aggregate mixture applications.

Another benefit of using screws in the aggregate mixture process is that it helps to reduce the amount of dust created by the process. Screws help to chop up the larger pieces of aggregate, which reduces the amount of dust that is created when the material is moved around. This can help to keep the work environment cleaner and more comfortable for workers.

Double Fine Material Screw Washers

Single Fine Material Screw Washers

Purchase Log Washers & Fine Materials Screw Washers At Mellott

If your aggregate mixture needs to remove those stubborn contaminants from a variety of materials including clay, ore, rock, sand, gravel, and more, our line of log washers and screw washers can get the job done.

If you want to improve your bottom line and get high-end equipment at a more affordable price, reach out to our team of aggregate mixture processing experts today at (855) 554-1606.

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