Sharing a Love of Local History with the Next Generation

Every year, Mellott partners with Southern Fulton High School to host an educational field trip to Antietam National Battlefield for the senior class.

Since students are required to take courses in United States History, World History, and Government, this activity is an excellent opportunity for students to see firsthand where one of the most historically significant events took place right outside of their local community.  It allows them to gain exposure to the concepts and historical events that they have studied thus far in their academic careers.

The Itinerary

The students and teachers arrived at Antietam at 9:00 AM and began their day in the Visitors Center.  After exploring the new exhibits in the Visitors Center, they promptly met with their tour guide at 9:30 AM to begin the scheduled three-hour tour that included The Dunker Church, The Sunken Road (Bloody Lane), and The Burnside Bridge (Final Attack).

“This is my second year coordinating the event and my third year visiting Antietam with the students from SFHS.  It was great to see students interact with the tour guide by answering questions at each location of the battlefield we visited.  The students enjoyed going up the observation tower located at the east end of the Sunken Road to get a better view of the battlefield.  The weather started out gloomy, but it turned out to be a beautiful fall day,” said Leslie Caldwell, Executive Assistant at Mellott.

An Unexpected Surprise 

While visiting The Dunker Church this year, Jeff Rowland, HR Manager at Mellott, noticed a black and white photograph on one of the benches inside the church dating back to 1962.  He realized that the photo pictured his grandfather, Herbert Rowland, who would lead the church in singing once a year to commemorate the brethren congregation.

“Our annual tour of Antietam with SFHS is a favorite workday of the year,” said Mellott’s Human Resources Manager, Jeff Rowland.  “Not only does it give me a chance to learn more of our local history, but it also gives me another chance to interact with the students.  This year, I was able to sit on the bus with Logan Mellott.  He thanked me for making the day possible and explained that he also shares a strong interest in Civil War history.  I asked him what he wanted to do after high school, and he wasn’t sure.  I suggested he apply at Mellott.  Perhaps, I’ll get the chance to interact with him again in the workplace.”

That’s a Wrap!

After the tour, everyone met at the Golden Corral in Hagerstown, MD and Mellott treated the students, teachers, and bus driver to lunch.  Enjoying a nice meal together was a great way to conclude the day!