From Quarry To Construction Site: The Versatility Of Metso Mobile Rock Crushers

Rock Crushing Equipment

Metso mobile rock crushers are extremely flexible machines that can easily transition from a quarry setting to an urban construction site. Their ability to move from job to job is a huge benefit that adds great value for operators.

Why Mobility Matters For Rock Crushers

So, what exactly makes mobility such an asset for rock-crushing equipment? There are a few key reasons.

Reduced Transportation Costs

Unlike stationary crushers, mobile rock crushers such as those made by Metso eliminate the need for trucking in raw materials that first need crushing. This saves you substantial transportation costs. With the crusher right at the face of the quarry or at the construction site itself, feeding it raw material is much faster, simpler, and more affordable.


Metso rentalsIf production suddenly needs to shift to a different quarry site or to a new construction project across town, you don’t have to go through the hassle of dismantling and relocating an entire stationary crushing plant. With mobile crushers, you simply drive the self-contained unit with its onboard conveyors to the new site and quickly set it up. This “wheel it where you need it” flexibility lets you redeploy assets faster.

Rapid Set Up & Teardown

Mobile rock crushers can be set up incredibly fast — most units can start crushing within minutes of arriving at a job site. Quick hydraulic folding and unfolding of conveyors and protective covers reduces assembly time, so the crusher is working productively almost immediately. Teardown at the end of the project goes just as quickly. This maximizes production time and reduces costs.

Ability To Follow Projects To Completion

One of the greatest assets of mobile crushing plants is their ability to move alongside projects and help them reach completion. For example, with infrastructure jobs such as road or dam construction, mobile crushers can start at the quarry supplying crushed aggregate needed for concrete or asphalt and then move alongside the road or dam as construction progresses.

The crusher constantly supplies product at every phase, from start to finish. This continuity and reliability keeps projects on track to successful on-time completion.

Key Features Of Metso’s Mobile Rock Crushers

So, what specifically makes Metso mobile crushers so versatile and adaptable to such varied needs? Keep reading to discover some of the features that make them so flexible.

Rugged, Durable Construction

Metso mobile rock crushers are built for extreme operating conditions, which is why they feature heavy-duty construction and components that stand up to punishing environments without failure.

Robust structures, high inertia flywheels, high-quality steel, and premium components give Metso crushers an exceptionally long life with minimal maintenance. Durability equals reliability — they run hard, hour after hour.

Advanced Engine, Hydraulic, & Power Transmission Efficiency

Efficiency translates directly into profitability in mobile crushing. Metso crushers excel in this area with high-performance CAT diesel engines optimized for maximum crusher throughput while consuming less fuel.

This is teamed with precision hydraulics and efficient direct, hybrid drives. As a result, you can process more tons of material per hour while burning less fuel, maximizing efficiency.

Safety Features

From sturdy access stairs and platforms to finger-proof safety guarding, the focus on safety is evident throughout Metso mobile crushers.

Quick-stop emergency buttons, protective covers, and safe single-button startup procedures make Metso mobile crusher operation fool-proof and secure. Metso even offers features such as Active Setting Control to maximize safety when uncrushable materials enter the chambers.

User-Friendly Operation & Maintenance

Despite their complexity, Metso mobile rock crushers maintain a strong focus on usability. Controls are ergonomic and intuitive, while automated features such as belt-under-load sensing aid operators.

Many configurations connect wirelessly to monitoring control systems. When upkeep is needed, service platforms provide safe access for maintenance, ensuring your team stays protected while working efficiently, which they’ll certainly appreciate.

Modular Options To Match Applications

Metso mobile crushers offer lots of options, making them great for a variety of applications. Customize output via multiple configurations of modular components.

Add screener modules, grizzly sections, pan feeders, extra conveyors, magnets, and more. This modularity ensures a Lokotrack plant optimally matches the work so you maximize productivity and profitability across jobs.

From Quarry To Construction Site

The versatile design of Metso mobile rock crushers also means they can quickly move from quarry use to crushing at urban construction locations.

Crushing At Quarry Faces

Lokotrack plants such as the LT120 are right at home as primary crushers stationed at quarry faces. The mobile jaw crusher’s high-capacity hopper accepts dump truck loads, quickly reducing shot rock and boulders to feed a secondary unit.

Its integrated conveyors stockpile processed material or feed other mobile equipment. As the quarry face advances, the self-propelled LT120 repositions itself using its tracked drive system.

Should the site change, it can simply be transported to the next quarry location under its own dedicated power.

Transitioning To Construction Sites

rock crushing plant sceneNot all aggregate crushers can adjust to the tight spaces and environmental regulations of cities and developed areas. However, the compact size, quiet and efficient operation, and rapid mobility of Lokotrack mobile plants allow them to be used right in construction zones.

Space-saving options such as foldable side and main conveyors with minimal set-up areas allow fitting into tight urban spaces. Special low dust and noise suppression kits enable responsible operation that is considerate of people nearby.

Careful material flow design prevents unwanted spillage on roads. Track and wheel-mounted units easily avoid obstacles at construction sites, flawlessly transitioning from rural quarry use.

Track Mounting For All-Terrain Capability

Lokotracks serve so well across applications because robust track drives allow these crushing plants to traverse rough quarry terrain and then equally handle mushy construction site ground conditions.

Stable footing and traction plus ground clearance for inclines and obstacles lets Lokotracks thrive in challenging environments.

Get The Most Out Of Metso’s Versatile Mobile Crushers With Mellott’s Expertise

Metso mobile rock crushers are remarkably adaptable machines that meet aggregate crushing needs across various applications. Their ability to transition quickly between quarry use and crushing right at urban construction site locations delivers outstanding flexibility.

When evaluating the flexibility you need from mobile crushing equipment to maximize profitability across jobs, rely on Mellott.

Our team of experts has extensive hands-on experience matching Metso Lokotrack and Nordtrack plants to customer goals. Contact us today at 888.621.8533 or online so we can determine the perfect versatile Metso mobile rock crusher for your changing production needs.