Smart Mobility: The IoT Integration In Metso’s Mobile Crushing Equipment

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Mobile crushing technology has evolved rapidly to enable better fleet and process management. As a leader in screening and rock crushing equipment, Metso is integrating Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and smart digital capabilities into its Lokotrack mobile crushing units.

This empowers aggregate producers and construction companies to achieve advanced process control, predictive maintenance, and enhanced connectivity for optimized crushing productivity.

Metso’s Smart Mobility Platform

Metso recently launched an IoT-based connectivity platform called Smart Mobility. This cloud-based hub connects Lokotrack crushing and screening equipment so users can remotely monitor and manage operations through a web portal.

Crushing EquipmentInstead of checking each machine individually, you can conveniently access data on all connected Lokotrack units in one centralized location. Key features offered by Smart Mobility include visualizing operations data, automated reporting, analytics to identify issues, alerts for critical events, and specialist support.

Smart Mobility unlocks immense potential. You can observe crushing operations in real time from anywhere and make data-driven decisions about optimizing processes, performance, and product quality without needing onsite staff. This results in improved safety, cost, energy efficiency, planning agility, faster problem resolution, profitability — and happier customers.

IoT Connectivity In Lokotrack Machines

So, how does Metso enable advanced connectivity and automation? Lokotrack units have onboard sensors collecting data such as bearing temperature, hydraulic pressure, vibration levels, engine load, and hourly fuel consumption.

Integrated data transmission systems feed sensor information directly to the cloud infrastructure supporting Smart Mobility. Now, producers have complete fleet visibility regardless of equipment location.

You can access this real-time information conveniently via the Smart Mobility portal on computers, phones, and tablets. Prompt notifications allow for close tracking of operations and rapidly addressing issues before extended downtimes occur. You also gain valuable insights to refine processes, scheduling, maintenance activities, and costs.

Advanced Process Control

In addition to condition monitoring, Metso offers advanced solutions such as the IC automation and ICr wireless systems for process control. These intelligent controllers enable both remote and automated adjustments to Lokotrack parameters for superior productivity.

The IC automation system lets you define safety limits and continuously monitors pressure, temperature, and other thresholds to either avert unexpected failures or flag issues early. Pre-configured startup and shutdown sequences also minimize associated risks and downtime.

You can connect IC automation to the central plant automation system for simplified management of all spread-out crushing units through a single interface. This streamlines administration, especially for larger sites.

Alternatively, the ICr wireless system allows controlling crushers directly from excavator cabs rather than needing staff to exit/re-enter for manual changes. After Bluetooth pairing, operators can digitally adjust settings such as CSS for optimal fines generation without leaving vehicles, boosting throughput substantially.

ICr also enables remote tuning of feed rates to prevent flooding and enhance utilization while slashing non-operational time. In essence, Metso’s advanced process controllers drive consistent product quality, higher yields, and improved profitability.

Preventative Maintenance

Unexpected breakdowns can seriously impact productivity and require urgent technician dispatch to fix problems. However, with sensors across key Lokotrack components, emerging issues get flagged through metrics such as rising temperatures or abnormal vibrations long before actual failures.

Smart Mobility analyzes integrated fleet data to deliver actionable insights predictive of needs. If crusher bearings progressively overheat toward danger zones, for instance, you receive instant automated alerts to schedule check-ups during the next planned stoppage for parts replacement or preventative maintenance before catastrophic damage.

This proactive approach with interventions just before exceeding wear limits cuts maintenance expenses by over 50 percent compared to traditional reactive models involving complete replacements post-failure.

Production losses also decrease since parts can be prepared ahead of time once issues are flagged instead of awaiting impending breakdowns. Hence, IoT integration significantly optimizes mobile crushing operations.

Lokotrack Mobile Crusher Benefits

Metso’s cutting-edge connected Lokotrack mobile crushers and screens provide multiple user gains:

  1. crushing equipmentImproved safety from remote controllability
  2. Greater uptime/availability via predictive maintenance
  3. Optimized performance through advanced controllers
  4. Lower costs due to smarter IoT-enabled operations
  5. Enhanced planning from increased fleet visibility
  6. Higher customer satisfaction via consistent quality

In fact, many early Lokotrack adoption customers have reported exponential efficiency improvements already. For instance, a Scottish aggregates supplier achieved over 90% crushers availability across three locales after deploying Smart Mobility, also cutting annual energy consumption by nearly 20%.

Leverage IoT-Connected Mobile Crushers To Maximize Profitability With Mellott

As Metso’s pioneering IoT-connected Lokotrack crushers demonstrate, smart mobile units provide valuable connectivity, predictive analytics, and process controls that greatly boost safety, availability, and profitability.

Technological advancements are exponentially accelerating, so fleet operators still using traditional reactive approaches risk being uncompetitive and lagging efficiency benchmarks. However, wise digitization delivers daily incremental gains that lead to cutting-edge capabilities over time.

As an authorized Metso distributor, Mellott’s specialists assist all scales of crushing businesses to match technology investments with evolving operational objectives.

Whether starting out or upgrading existing equipment, contact us at 888.621.8533 or online to learn more about judiciously leveraging IoT to enhance mobile crushing via improved visibility, prescriptive insight, optimized maintenance, and overall intelligent process management for long-term, sustainable success.