Mellott’s Bailey Mills Rocks PELA

Bailey Rocks
Mellott could not be prouder of Bailey Mills, Parts Manager, for his graduation from PELA, PACA Emerging Leaders Academy. Jim Levy, Vice President of Service Development & Sales, was Bailey’s sponsor, and he had this to say about why he chose him, “We are in the customer service business, as the world continues to change, so does the workforce, how we communicate, how we interact and how we do business. Choosing Bailey to represent Mellott in something such as PELA was an easy decision, he is a growing leader in our organization, with a driven personality and has a great understanding of what customer service needs to be. What PELA offered was as an opportunity to build relationships with other young leaders in the industry by face-to-face interactions and networking. What technology can’t do is build relationships, which is and always will be the backbone of the industry, this program, and programs like this offer the next generation of leaders the ability to interact and to build those relationships that will continue to help those individuals grow, personally and professionally throughout their careers. Handshakes, eye contact and acknowledging a smile may be a thing of the past in the minds of many, however they remain one of the most important things for the future. PELA gave that opportunity, and we knew that Bailey would thrive in that environment.”

Bailey highly recommends PELA
When asked about his experience in the academy Bailey had nothing but wonderful things to say about his participation in the PELA program, “PELA was a great experience that grew me as a manager, leader, and overall person. It taught me the power of moments, the law of the lid, the three keys of being an effective leader, and so much more. Some great takeaways for me personally were meeting excellence, relationships made, and intercompany communication. I am thankful to Mellott for providing the opportunity to join the program and Jim Levy for being my sponsor on the program. It was ten great months of learning, laughter, and unique experiences. Thank you, PACA, for such a wonderful program and Greg Coker for all the wonderful lessons that you taught us. I highly recommend PELA to anyone who can join.” Hear what Bailey and others who graduated had to say about PELA here: PELA VIDEO

PELA Rocks
PELA is a 10-month hybrid program consisting of both online and in-person educational sessions and networking opportunities. There is no better way to elevate the potential leaders in your company than by having them participate in this program. However, the commitment to the ten-month program is key. Travel with overnight stays throughout Pennsylvania is a required part of the program.

Opportunities abound at PELA
Class members can meet key industry and legislative leaders throughout the Commonwealth, tour industry plants and facilities throughout the state, learn valuable leadership and life lessons skills that they can bring back to the benefit of their company and their peers. Led by instructor and facilitator, Greg Coker, class size is limited to up to 20 students as selected by the members of our PELA Board of Trustees. The curriculum is exceptional and includes mandatory participation in a Cornerstone Project to be presented at the PACA Annual Meeting.