Site-Ready Crushing: How Metso’s Mobile Crushers Boost Productivity

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Metso’s Lokotrack and Nordtrack lines are revolutionizing on-site crushing. Hauling material long distances to fixed crushing plants is no longer necessary. Thanks to track-mounted mobility, these mobile crushers provide flexibility to position the crusher unit right at the rock face for “site-ready crushing.”

This eliminates double handling and hauling costs while allowing operations to start sooner. Metso truly drives productivity by bringing the crusher to the rock. Let’s look at how.

Metso Mobile Crushers Offer High Mobility & Flexibility

One of the key advantages of Metso mobile crushers is that they are track-mounted, facilitating easy movement around quarries, construction sites, or mining operations. The crushers can also be transported quickly between locations on a low loader.

This mobility provides great flexibility in positioning the crusher unit right at the rock face, which eliminates the costs associated with transporting material to a fixed crushing site. Metso’s mobile crushers are designed to be compatible and easily integrated with conveyors, screens, and other Lokotrack or Nordtrack units.

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This makes it simple to combine different mobile crushers and screens into optimized multistage processes that precisely meet operational needs. You can create fully mobile, integrated crushing and screening trains that can be flexibly configured.

Since the mobile crushers are track-mounted, they have great maneuverability even in confined spaces. The tracks can rotate for precision positioning, and some models feature flip-over versatile tracks for speedy site relocation. This allows you to position the crusher precisely where it’s needed most to minimize handling and hauling.

High Performance & Throughput

In addition to mobility, Metso’s mobile crushers provide high crushing performance thanks to the advanced jaw, impact, and cone-crushing technologies utilized across the Lokotrack and Nordtrack lines. The crushers consistently deliver high-capacity crushing and reduction in all applications.

Metso mobile impact crushers, for example, employ horizontal impact crushing devices that are meant to be used in the primary, secondary, or tertiary crushing stages. Alternatively, the Lokotrack LT200HP and other Metso mobile cone crushers are used primarily for secondary, tertiary, and quaternary crushing applications.

The Lokotrack LT120E and LT330E mobile jaw and cone crushers feature hybrid “plug-in” electric-driven systems that provide high efficiency while dramatically reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared to diesel-hydraulic systems. This electric drive system creates a new benchmark for mobile crushing efficiency.

Metso Crushers Ensure Excellent Reliability & Uptime

Metso mobile crushers are engineered with rugged construction and built to withstand the demanding environments found across mining, aggregate, and construction applications. The sturdy structures stand up well to heavy-duty primary crushing, even with the hardest feed material.

Key components are designed for longevity and minimal maintenance requirements. For example, Lokotrack jaw crushers feature a pinned and bolted design that increases durability and withstands shock loads when crushing extremely hard feed material.

Nordtrack jaw crushers utilize a new generation of jaws and cavity design developed through Metso’s decades of experience for reliability and trouble-free operation.

Integrated diagnostic systems provide real-time monitoring of the crusher to identify potential issues before they lead to failures. With Metso’s global network, field service technicians can also rapidly respond to requests for specialized maintenance and repairs to minimize downtime.

Outstanding Safety & Usability

Metso mobile crushers are designed with the highest safety standards for both operation and maintenance. Automated real-time diagnostics, along with patented one-button startup procedures, help ensure safe operational control.

The units also incorporate excellent access platforms, walkways, and protective guards to enable secure servicing. Integrated water suppression systems provide options for dust control to protect operators.

Usability and control are optimized with features such as crusher automation and intelligent process control systems that enable single-button startup and monitoring. Some models allow remote control of functionality through radio remote control systems when extra maneuverability is needed.

Feed hoppers and conveyor positions can also be adjusted hydraulically for convenience. Diagnostic capabilities provide status updates for wear part replacement and performance monitoring to keep your mobile crushers running at peak production levels.

Metso Mobile Crushers Enable Significant Cost Savings

track mounted crusherOne of the biggest cost advantages Metso mobile crushers provide is eliminating the need for truck hauling by positioning the crusher unit right at the blasting site.

This avoids double handling and hauling, reduces operational expenses, and lowers your cost per ton. Wheel loaders or excavators can feed the hopper directly, eliminating haul trucks entirely in a closed-circuit mobile crushing application.

Since the mobile crushers operate on-site and move with the rock face, you can also significantly reduce or even eliminate the need to drill, blast, and excavate rock that doesn’t need crushing. This provides additional cost savings in fuel, labor, and drill costs. Less wasteful rock removal means fewer haul trucks on-site, as well.

Get The Right Metso Mobile Crusher For Your Operation With Mellott

Metso’s mobile Lokotrack and Nordtrack crushers provide tremendous advantages when it comes to having your crusher ready at the site rather than hauling material to a stationary crushing plant. Increasing productivity and boosting efficiency while keeping costs low is essential.

Metso’s mobile crushers offer site-ready capabilities that can significantly increase your operation’s productivity and efficiency. With so many crusher options available, overwhelm is natural when attempting to choose the best Metso mobile crusher.

That’s where Mellott comes in. As an authorized Metso distributor, we have the expertise to guide you to the perfect Metso machine for your needs. If you’re ready to choose a high-performing Metso mobile crusher to boost your productivity, contact us today at 888.621.8533 or online.