Differences Between The Metso C120 & C160 Jaw Crusher

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Metso is a trusted manufacturer of crushing equipment for mining and aggregates. The company offers a wide range of jaw crushers as part of their Nordberg C Series product line — from smaller C80 models to high-capacity C200 units.

This article will compare Metso’s C120 and C160 jaw crushers. You’ll learn the major differences between these two machines across factors such as technical specifications, design, and applications. Understanding these contrasts will help you pick the right jaw crusher for your needs and environment.

Specifications Comparison

Let’s start by looking at the specs for the C120 and C160:

Size & Weight

Metso C130 Jaw crusherThe C120 is far more compact and lighter than the C160. The C120 is around 28,000 kg, while the C160 is a heavyweight at about 76,300 kg – nearly triple the C120’s weight. This size and weight difference means the C120 can work in more installations where space is limited.

Motor Power

It should come as no surprise that the larger C160 also has a more powerful motor, with 250 kW or 350 hp versus 160 kW or 200 hp on the C120. The C160’s extra power enables much higher capacity and the ability to crush harder materials.

Operating Speed

The C120 has a slightly faster speed at 230 rpm, while the C160 runs at 220 rpm. The C120 may be slightly faster, but it sacrifices capacity for the added speed.

Feed Opening Size

With its heavy-duty design, the C160 boasts a far wider and deeper feed opening: 1,600 mm x 1,200 mm versus 1,200 mm x 870 mm on the C120. This lets the C160 tackle much larger feed material for higher throughput.

Closed Side Setting Range

The C160’s bigger opening also permits a wider closed side setting (CSS) range — from 150 to 300 mm, while the C120 has a narrower adjustable CSS spanning 70 to 175 mm. This shows the C160’s ability to produce larger output sizes.

Maximum Feed Size

Matching its CSS range, the C160 can handle a much larger max feed of 960 mm, while the C120 maxes out at 700 mm. This matters when considering what each crusher can practically handle feed-wise.


The C120’s throughput capacity is far lower than the C160’s. For example, at a CSS of 150 mm, the C120 does 340-475 mtph of scalped feed material and 484-654 mtph of non-scalped material, while the C160 crushes at 430-610 mtph and 599-811 mtph, respectively. As one of Metso’s largest jaws, the C160 is made for high-capacity primary crushing.

Design Considerations

The C120 and C160 share the same cutting-edge Metso jaw crusher design, simply scaled up in size and strength on the C160 to match its impressive power and capacity. Some of the smart design choices that deliver amazing machines include the following:

  • A pinned and bolted, weld-free frame gives outstanding strength and fatigue life, so you can count on high uptime and reliability.
  • The modular design makes installation a breeze, whether you’re setting up in a quarry or even underground.
  • High-quality steel castings and heavy-duty spherical roller bearings work together to ensure these machines keep working reliably, day after day.
  • Essential parts, such as the pitman eye, are shielded from wear by long-lasting elements that absorb impact and protect the core components. Changing them out is quick and painless when the time comes.
  • A two-wedge adjustment setup enables quick and safe setting tweaks without any shims. An optional hydraulic assist makes changes even faster.
  • IC10C automation gives you full control over the process from anywhere while monitoring conditions in real time.

Application Differences

While understanding the various design elements and the differences in specifications between the C120 and the C160 is all well and good, your choice will come down to the ideal uses for each jaw.

C120 Jaw Crusher

With its smaller size and modular design, the C120 is intended for straightforward primary crushing of less demanding materials — such as aggregates or demolition waste that don’t require maximum power.

The C120 can excel in mobile or portable plants where small to moderate capacity is needed. Overall, the C120 is an affordable jaw solution with lower operational costs.

C160 Jaw Crusher

A closer look at jaw crusher partsThe C160 is Metso’s second-to-largest jaw crusher, superseded only by the C200, and has been designed for some of the hardest primary crushing applications. With its powerful motor and big feed opening, the C160 is designed to take on your biggest, hardest material.

It performs well in stationary plants and tough mining, where maximum capacity and uptime are essential. While the C160 has a higher initial cost, it offers the lowest operational cost per ton and the highest productivity for high-capacity projects.

Decide Between t=The Metso C120 & The C160 Jaw Crusher With Mellott’s Help

The major differences between Metso’s C120 and C160 jaw crushers come down to size, power, capacity, and intended use. The C120 is the smaller, lighter option suited for modest primary crushing work.

The C160 is Metso’s biggest jaw model made for high-capacity primary crushing, even in the most demanding environments.

When picking the right jaw crusher, carefully consider your feed material, production needs, budget, and more. If you need more guidance, Mellott is here to help.

As an authorized Metso distributor, our team has the knowledge and experience to help you choose the best jaw crusher for your needs. Contact us today at 888.621.8533 or online, and let us help you make the most efficient investment for your project.