Mellott Honors Employee Recipients of the 2023 VBL Awards

Each year, Mellott recognizes five employees who have done an outstanding job demonstrating one of our company’s core values: Safety, Integrity, Commitment, Respect, and Excellence. As we usher in 2024, please join us in congratulating the employees who were awarded Mellott’s 2023 VBL (Value Based Leadership) Awards.

Safety- Dan (Crushing)
Promoting a Healthy and Safe Culture:
Dan is a superintendent at our Front Royal location. The plant presents many challenges to safety and is the oldest plant in operation. He does an outstanding job keeping everything operating and especially keeping up with the safety around the plant. It becomes even more difficult keeping up with MSHA standards as things age and are continuously exposed to a harsh environment. It is one of a few locations where we haul the material out of the pit to our plant via trucks. The haul road is one lane and has blind spots in certain areas. Communication is key to keeping the material flowing and the team safe. Dan is instrumental in making sure the team is in constant communication. We had another year at the site without an MSHA citation! Thank you, Dan – well done!

Integrity- Susan (Accounting)
Inspiring Trust and Confidence:
Susan is a true payroll professional and has turned her profession into a career at Mellott. She balances the detail and accuracy of every employee’s paycheck while applying company policies across the board so that the employee and the company are successfully supported. Her understanding of our systems and willingness to navigate the nuances of our operations are a rare combination that makes our team successful. She has helped make the payroll process more efficient, and our trust in her has led to other important responsibilities within the accounting department. Thank you, Susan, for your tenacity and skill in your profession as well as the positive and friendly attitude you bring to the workplace.

Commitment- Wendall (Fabrication)
Achieving Stability in Our Relationships and Partnerships:
Wendall is one of the few employees that has served in all three of our key operational departments – Service, Crushing, and Fabrication. Wendall’s solid attendance record reflects his commitment to his job. He is a very hard worker that can be relied upon to get the job done. His pleasant attitude and willingness to work wherever he is needed in the shop makes him a pleasure to manage. That same demeanor applies to work in the yard or in the field. He is a worker that will cover the needs of the team at the critical moment to get the win. Thank you, Wendall, for your commitment to your career and the team.

Respect- Jeffrey (Marion)
Teamwork, Fulfillment, and Self-esteem:
Jeffrey has stepped into a supervisory role in the Marion shop and has gained the respect of his team and management. He is well liked and has led with an obvious dedication to the organization, his team, and customers. He has the confidence and drive to succeed as well as the desire to learn. His growth in recent years is evidenced by his leadership skills and the ability to achieve optimal results. It is a privilege working with Jeffrey and watching where he will shine next. Thank you, Jeffrey, for your persistence and willingness to step into larger roles within your career.

Excellence- Jason (Service)
Achieving Optimal Results:
Jason defines the meaning of a road warrior. Jason has been instrumental in continuing to maintain and grow our service business in NJ and NY. He has taken on a leadership role and has done a great job in mentoring and training other Service Technicians. He has traveled outside of his traditional areas to assist on high profile jobs and customer training and is always willing to take on a new challenge. Being a remote technician is not easy, but when you have the experience, professionalism, and drive to help the customer – Jason makes it look easy. Jason works well with the customers and is a vital part of the service Team. Thank you, Jason, for your pursuit of Excellence in the industry.