Mellott Christmas Party Quote ;-)

The above quote 👆 is by Lisa Williams, Product Support – Inside Sales. When asked for a quote regarding the Mellott Christmas Party, Lisa came in clutch with the above “quote” LOL We just had to make it our feature image! Thanks Lisa for giving us all a great laugh 🙂

Jamie Bryner – Product Support – Wears and Media/Inside Sales
“As a new employee the company Christmas party demonstrated to me the true atmosphere of Mellott. From the top to the bottom of the chain everyone was met and welcomed with handshakes and kind words. The atmosphere truly solidified the family feeling you get at Mellott. Commitment to its employees was very evident that day!”

Brenda Poole – Buyer – Logistics
“The Mellott Christmas Party ROCKED!!”

Carly Mellott – Sales Administrator – Operations
“The food was great! I enjoyed getting to see coworkers from other departments that I do not see every day!”

Brendan Kloos – General Manager – Contract Crushing – Operations
“The event was wonderful, and I am very appreciative of the hard work that goes into planning such a large get together. The best part is being able to hang out with my fellow coworkers that I do not get to see normally. Overall it is a wonderful experience.”

Just a few more quotes about Mellott’s Christmas Party 🙂