Sustainable Crushing Solutions: 7 Ways Metso Cone Crushers Are Eco-Friendly

Metso HP300 Cone Crusher

Carbon emissions and climate change are all over the news, and so businesses today face increasing pressure to operate more sustainably. And crushing manufacturers have risen to meet modern sustainability challenges. Metso  has led the way in developing more eco-friendly and energy-efficient cone crushers.

Their latest models integrate innovative new features that drive down energy consumption, waste, and emissions. This allows operators to align operations with green initiatives without sacrificing productivity.

Here are seven key ways the newest Metso cone crushers are more environmentally friendly.

More Efficient Crushing That Uses Less Energy

Metso Cone crusher on a terrace of gravel quarryOne major way Metso’s new cone crushers reduce environmental impact is through raw efficiency improvements. Their redesigned crushing chambers and optimized kinematics require less aggregate energy input to process high volumes of stone.

Specifically, the enhanced chambers provide up to 10-20% greater throughput capacity than previous versions. This improvement means you get more end product for each kWh of electrical power or liter of diesel consumed.

More output per unit of energy directly correlates to lower net emissions and energy costs. Higher crushing efficiency also enables better material yield using fewer stages. For example, the optimized chamber geometries and increased stroke design provide exceptional reduction ratios.

You can achieve final aggregate sizes in just two or three stages rather than the four or five stages of less efficient machines. Fewer stages equal less energy loss between steps, which reduces waste and minimizes production emissions.

Eco-Friendly Components That Cut Energy Consumption

In addition to throughput efficiencies, Metso cone crushers also integrate new components that directly lower energy consumption. These innovations include more efficient hydraulic systems, drives, and motors that reduce electrical and diesel energy needs. Switching to electrical drives where possible or sizing motors more appropriately cuts kWh demands considerably.

Intelligent energy-saving features also minimize waste during non-production. For instance, smart idle modes reduce electrical draw when crushers are not actively running. This saves energy that would otherwise be wasted while waiting for additional trucks or feed.

Minimizing Waste with Longer Wear Component Life

Sustainability is also about minimizing raw material needs and waste. Metso cone crushers are uniquely constructed to extend wear component life. Special retention systems firmly secure liners to prevent uneven wear and deformation.

This enables each liner set to last longer before needing swaps compared to average crushers. Longer-lasting parts mean fewer liners consumed and disposed of over the lifetime of your equipment.

Proactive real-time monitoring capabilities also prevent abrasive conditions that degrade internal components prematurely. By avoiding unexpected failures, you’ll waste fewer usable spare parts or liners.

Maximizing Uptime Availability to Maintain Peak Efficiency

close view of an excavator breaking rocks in a quarryEven the most efficient equipment cannot maintain reduced environmental impacts when shut down for excessive repairs. Metso cone crushers are engineered to maximize productive uptime availability. Instead of needing major rebuilds, conveniently located wear components can be serviced quickly to minimize downtime.

Automated lubrication and electronic fluid monitoring also reduce unexpected failures that require extended maintenance. By spending more time actively crushing, Metso cone crushers continuously operate at peak efficiency. Maximizing availability maintains the lowest kWh per ton power consumption possible.

Switching To Electric Drives Lowers Direct Emissions

Certain Metso cone crusher models give operators the option to switch to electrical drives in place of standard diesel engines. This directly enables lower emission operations aligned with environmental commitments.

A clear example of this is electric vehicles. An EV has CO2 emissions of 75g per kilometer compared to 231g for an equivalent diesel vehicle. When scaled up to the engine sizes cone crushers boast, the emission reductions are staggering. And when emissions reductions are scaled across multiple crushers and sites, it results in an even more dramatic improvement.

While electric drives may not be practical in all applications, the option exists with Metso cone crushers. This option allows individual operators to assess viability based on site-specific renewable energy plans.

Optimized Efficiency Cuts Indirect Emissions

Even without direct electric drives, Metso cone crushers emit less indirect greenhouse gases associated with energy production. The redesigned components, automation, and intelligent crushing all combine to use less net electrical and diesel energy during normal operation. Consuming fewer kWh and gallons across your site directly scales back indirect emissions from the source utilities.

So, while your specific crusher may still rely on diesel engines, the sustainability optimizations make your aggregate process leaner as a whole. Less energy used equates to lower indirect emissions tied to electricity generation or diesel production.

Achieving Peak Efficiency with IC Automation

close-up study of the test sample of the transistor microchip under a microscope in the laboratory from Metso cone crusherMetso cone crushers are designed to be intertwined with advanced IC automation systems that incorporate an array of sensors and algorithms that monitor key crushing parameters in real time.

Feedback loops continuously tune settings like belt speeds, stroke, and feed rate to maintain peak efficiency as conditions change. For instance, IC automation can modulate upstream feed rates to prevent power-sapping interruptions from cramming or packing.

Or it may adjust close-side settings to produce targeted material sizes with minimal recirculating loads. Even when crushing hardness varies from soft to hard stone, the IC system adapts to use the least energy necessary.

Get the Most Efficient and Sustainable Metso Cone Crusher with Guidance from Mellott

Metso cone crushers feature innovative technologies developed with sustainability in mind, from energy efficiency to waste reduction. Their flexibility also allows aggregate and mining operations to select solutions tailored both for production goals and environmental stewardship.

As an authorized Metso distributor, our team at Mellott has in-depth knowledge of these crushers and how their unique capabilities can transform operations to be more eco-friendly.

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