Most Popular Rock Crusher Parts To Boost Efficiency

In today’s highly competitive mining and construction industries, maximizing the efficiency of your rock crusher is crucial to staying ahead of the curve. With the right selection of high-quality rock crusher parts, you can significantly enhance the performance, productivity, and longevity of your equipment.

Here are some of the most popular rock crusher parts that will improve your rock crusher’s efficiency and overall performance.

Jaw Crusher Parts

Jaw Plates

two rental jaw crushers side by sideThe jaw plates directly affect crushing efficiency and wear life. You have different material options for jaw plates, including manganese steel, high-chromium iron, and composite materials. Manganese steel is popular due to its high wear resistance, work-hardening properties, and durability. When selecting jaw plates, consider the hardness and abrasiveness of the input material to ensure the plates’ longevity and your crusher’s efficiency.

Toggle Plate

The toggle plate helps transfer motion from the eccentric shaft to the swing jaw, enabling the crushing action. By maintaining proper tension on the toggle plate, you can ensure the jaw plates are correctly aligned, which is crucial for efficient crushing. Regular toggle plate inspection and maintenance will guarantee your jaw crusher’s optimal performance and longevity.


Bearings support the eccentric shaft and allow smooth rotation. Therefore, it’s essential to regularly maintain bearings, including periodic oil sampling and replacement, to prevent premature wear and potential failure. In addition, properly lubricating the bearings helps minimize friction, reduce heat generation, and prolong the life of the crusher parts, ultimately contributing to your machine’s efficiency.

Cone Crusher Parts

Mantle and Concave

The mantle and concave crush the feed material, so choosing the right profile is essential for achieving the desired product size and shape while maximizing the wear life of these parts. Keep an eye on liner wear, as it impacts your crusher’s performance and efficiency. By measuring the liner thickness periodically and adjusting the closed side setting as needed, you can maintain consistent product quality and prolong the life of wear parts.

Hydraulic Adjustment Mechanism

Cone crushers often feature a hydraulic adjustment mechanism, allowing you to adjust the closed side setting to control the product size. A well-functioning hydraulic system helps prevent packing problems and ensures efficient operation. Make sure you regularly inspect and maintain the hydraulic system, including checking for oil leaks, proper oil level, and pressure, to keep your crusher’s efficiency and throughput at their best.

Level Sensors and Feed Control

Level sensors in cone crushers help maintain a consistent feed rate by controlling material flow into the crushing chamber. By ensuring the chamber stays consistently full, you can achieve a uniform product size and shape, improving your crusher’s overall efficiency. Don’t forget to calibrate and maintain level sensors regularly to ensure accurate feed control.

Gyratory Crusher Parts

Spider Bushing and Mainshaft Sleeve

In gyratory crushers, the spider bushing and mainshaft sleeve support the mainshaft assembly. Make sure you properly lubricate these components to reduce friction, minimize wear, and maintain your crusher’s efficiency. Inspect and replace worn bushings and sleeves regularly to ensure smooth operation and prolong the life of the mainshaft assembly.

Eccentric Bushing

The eccentric bushing in a gyratory crusher transmits rotational motion from the drive motor to the mainshaft, enabling the crushing action. Correct sizing and installation of the eccentric bushing are vital for your crusher’s performance. Regularly inspect and maintain the eccentric bushing, including checking for wear and proper alignment, to help keep your crusher operating at peak efficiency.

Bottom Shell Bushing

The bottom shell bushing supports the mainshaft and absorbs crushing forces. Keep an eye on the wear of the bottom shell bushing to maintain your crusher’s efficiency and product quality. Inspect and replace worn bushings regularly to ensure smooth operation and prolong the life of the mainshaft assembly.

Impact Crusher Parts

close up view of metso blow barsRotor and Blow Bars

In an impact crusher, the rotor and blow bars are responsible for the crushing action. The material choice and wear patterns of these parts directly impact your crusher’s efficiency. When selecting blow bars, consider factors like the abrasiveness of the feed material and the desired product size. Adjust the rotor speed based on blow bar wear to maintain consistent product gradation and efficiency.

Breaker Bars and Impact Curtains

Breaker bars and impact curtains significantly influence the size reduction and efficiency of an impact crusher. Setting the proper gap between these components is essential to achieve the desired product size and minimize fine production. Regularly inspect and adjust the gap between breaker bars and impact curtains to maintain your crusher’s efficiency and prolong the life of wear parts.

Third Crushing Chamber

Many modern impact crushers feature a third crushing chamber, which can be added to increase reduction with each pass through the machine. However, adding a third chamber also increases power needs and wear costs. Carefully weigh the trade-offs between increased reduction and higher operating costs when deciding whether to use a third crushing chamber.

Boost Your Crusher’s Efficiency with Mellott

To enhance your crusher’s efficiency, it’s essential to use compatible, high-quality parts, conduct regular maintenance, and keep an eye on component wear. A well-maintained crusher with the right parts ensures consistent product quality, extends the machine’s lifespan, and leads to a successful crushing operation.

Navigating the world of crusher maintenance can be challenging, but Mellott is here to help. Our expert team can assist you in identifying the right crusher parts, suggesting maintenance schedules, and offering valuable advice on optimizing your crusher’s performance. Contact us today at 855-554-1606 or online, and let the Mellott team help you maximize your crusher’s efficiency and success.