Metso Nordtrack Screening Plants vs. Metso Lokotrack Screening Plants

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Investing in a high-quality screening plant is essential for efficiently separating materials to meet product specifications. Metso offers two major lines of mobile screening plants: Nordtrack and Lokotrack.

When exploring a Metso screening plant, understanding the differences between Nordtrack and Lokotrack will allow you to select the best solution for your operations.

Nordtrack Screening Plants

NordtrackMetso designed its Nordtrack screening plants with small to mid-size contractors and aggregate producers in mind. These units are intended for asphalt recycling, concrete demolition, screening of aggregates, as well as agricultural applications such as topsoil and wood pellets.

The Nordtrack line includes over a half dozen pre-configured models ranging from compact, entry-level units such as the S2.5 up to heavy-duty, high-capacity screens such as the S4.12.

This simplified, ready-to-ship approach allows Metso to deliver Nordtrack screening plants in just a few weeks on average. The standard configurations also make it easy for you to select the model that matches your production needs without requiring complex customization.

Regarding features, Nordtrack screening plants emphasize mobility, ease of use, and rapid setup. The units are compact and easy to transport from site to site using standard trailers and trucks. Forklift pockets and lifting lugs make them simple to maneuver around your work area and position wherever needed.

The screens feature straightforward controls and hydraulic functions that allow a single operator to control all operations. Additional options such as remote control track operation further enhance usability and safety.

In terms of operating costs, the standard CAT diesel engines on Nordtrack plants offer excellent fuel efficiency. There is also the option to upgrade to an external electric drive system to further reduce fuel consumption and cost-per-ton.

Lokotrack Screening Plants

On the other end of the spectrum, Metso Lokotrack screening plants are designed for large-scale aggregate production and high-capacity screening applications. These heavy-duty units are built to deliver maximum uptime and productivity for quarries, mines, and construction sites with extensive screening needs.

The Lokotrack line provides a wider range of models and capabilities than Nordtrack. These include specialized triple-deck screens designed to produce multiple finished products from a single pass. Lokotrack screening plants also utilize higher stroke, larger screens, and more powerful components that can handle higher throughput material compared to Nordtrack.

A key advantage of Lokotrack plants is their modular design. Major components such as screens, feeders, and conveyors can be swapped out for different configurations. Diesel-electric versions allow the screen to run solely on external power. This modularity lets you adjust your Lokotrack screening plant as operational requirements evolve.

Advanced automation is another hallmark of the Lokotrack line. The units come equipped with smart controls that continuously monitor and optimize performance. You can also integrate Lokotrack screens into the Metso Metrics remote monitoring system for detailed insights into utilization, wear, and maintenance needs.

In terms of serviceability, Lokotrack screens offer superior access to components through walkways, stairs, and platforms. Features such as hydraulic screen lifts further ease maintenance. Metso designed these plants to handle high-intensity, 24/7 production while minimizing downtime.

Comparing Mobility, Capacity, & Control

Mobility is a clear advantage of Nordtrack mobile screening plants. The units are lighter, more compact, and have smaller footprints than Lokotrack models. This allows Nordtrack screens to be readily transported and relocated as needed between job sites using standard trailers. The optional remote control track operation also facilitates maneuvering around the work area.

In contrast, Lokotrack screening plants use heavy-duty components, resulting in higher machine weights. Large units such as the ST4.10 can top 70,000 pounds; moving these screens requires proper permits and specialized trailers. Lokotrack models are better suited for semi-permanent installation in one quarry or aggregate yard.

concrete screening plantWhen it comes to capacity, Lokotrack screening plants outpace comparably sized Nordtrack models. A Cat C4 engine on a Nordtrack S3.9 two-deck screen generates 134 horsepower, while the Cat C4 engine on a Lokotrack ST4.8 two-deck screen produces 142 horsepower.

The larger stroke, screens, and conveyors on Lokotrack plants combined with more powerful drive systems yield higher throughput capabilities that translate to higher productivity.

Nordtrack and Lokotrack screening plants provide remote control options and straightforward controls suitable for easy operation. However, Lokotrack screens have far more automation and technology integration capabilities, allowing more data-driven monitoring and optimization of Lokotrack screening processes to maximize utilization and efficiency.

Turn To Mellott For Guidance In Choosing The Right Metso Screening Plant

Ultimately, choosing between a Nordtrack or Lokotrack screening plant depends on the scale of your production needs and application requirements. Nordtrack models are ideally suited for smaller contractors who need to quickly and easily mobilize screening capabilities at changing worksites.

For optimal uptime and productivity, Lokotrack excels at high-capacity screening. Mellott has helped countless aggregate producers and contractors maximize their productivity and profitability through optimized Metso screening processes.

Whatever your production needs, we will help you assess your situation, demo the right equipment, and get your Metso screening plant up and operating smoothly. Contact us today at 888.621.8533 or online to discuss how Metso screening technology can take your business to the next level.