Comparing The Metso NP1415 & NP1620 HSI Crushers

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Choosing the right primary crusher is central to achieving maximum throughput and high-quality end products. When it comes to horizontal shaft impact (HSI) crushers, two of the top models on the market are the Metso NP1415 and NP1620 HSI rock crushers.

These hard-working Metso HSI crushers are engineered for high performance, reliability, and versatility to deliver exceptional crushing results.

But how do these two flagship models compare, and when might you choose one over the other?

Intended Applications Are Broadly Similar

crushers working on siteBoth the NP1415 and NP1620 are designed for primary crushing applications across aggregate production, construction waste recycling, and mining operations. With their high reduction ratios and ability to customize settings, these Metso HSI crushers are ideal for the initial crushing stage to reduce large feed material to more manageable sizes.

Common user applications include:

  • Crushing limestone, granite, basalt, and other quarry material
  • Processing recycled concrete and asphalt for road construction
  • Reducing run-of-mine ores such as gold, copper, and iron

Whether you need a primary crusher to process virgin aggregate or recycle construction debris, the NP1415 and NP1620 are both up to the task. Their broad applicability makes them popular choices for stationary or portable plants.

The NP1620 Offers Greater Throughput Capacity

Comparing size and capacity, the NP1620 is considerably larger than the NP1415. With a maximum feed size of 51 inches and nominal installed power of 500 HP, the NP1620 is one of the highest-capacity primary HSI crushers manufactured by Metso. It boasts up to 25-30% more crushing capacity than the smaller NP1415 model.

The NP1415 handles a maximum feed size of 40 inches and runs on 250 HP. This more compact Metso HSI crusher is better suited for secondary or tertiary crushing stages or smaller-scale primary crushing needs.

If high throughput is your top priority, the NP1620 is the superior choice.

Its heavier rotor and more powerful motor equip it to crush through more material. But for modest capacity needs, the NP1415 delivers reliable primary crushing in a smaller footprint.

More Power & Higher Rotor Speeds In The NP1620

In line with its higher throughput capacity, the NP1620 utilizes more powerful dual motors, up to 840 HP, compared to a single 250 HP motor in the NP1415. If your operation calls for substantial crushing power, the NP1620 is better equipped.

The NP1620 also features a faster rotor speed to crush material via higher impact energy. Its rotor diameter measures 63 inches across and rotates at speeds up to 529 RPM. Meanwhile, the smaller NP1415 rotor measures 55 inches in diameter and maxes out at 356 RPM.

For pulverizing extra hard or abrasive feed material, the higher power and rotor velocity of the NP1620 can generate the force required. When dealing with softer stone or more manageable debris, the NP1415 has sufficient crushing oomph.

Feed Openings & Maximum Feed Sizes

Since the NP1620 is a heavier-duty primary crusher, it boasts a considerably larger feed opening and maximum feed size. Its massive feed opening measures 80.3 by 56.3 inches, which dwarfs the 60.6 by 46-inch opening of the NP1415.

You can also feed larger chunks of material into the NP1620. It handles maximum feed material up to 51 inches across, while the NP1415 accepts feed up to 40 inches in diameter.

An application calling for managing oversized feed chunks, boulders, or whole logs/branches will find the higher capacity NP1620 makes it better equipped. Otherwise, the NP1415’s feed size capabilities should suffice.

Shared Design Philosophies For Reliability

Despite their differences, the NP1415 and NP1620 share many common design elements and benefits that make them reliable, low-maintenance crushers. Both models feature heavy-duty rotors to generate high-velocity impact crushing. This pulverizes material efficiently while minimizing wear costs.

They also utilize Metso’s unique RPS (Rotor Positioning System) to ensure safe and easy maintenance. The RPS allows adjusting the rotor position from outside the crusher for stress-free access.

Additionally, the NP1415 and NP1620 have customizable settings including variable crusher blow bars and breaker plates. These let you adapt the crusher to optimize particle shape and output for your specific material and application.

Whether you choose the smaller NP1415 or the high-capacity NP1620, you’ll get a robust Metso HSI crusher engineered for performance and reliability.

The NP1620 Requires More Maintenance

crushing equipmentWhile both crushers are designed to be user-friendly, the larger NP1620 naturally requires more maintenance attention. With its heavier build, larger feed sizes, and faster rotor speeds, the NP1620 experiences more stress and wear.

Expect to replace wear parts such as blow bars and breaker plates more frequently on the NP1620. Its bearings, seals, and other internals will also wear faster than the lighter-duty NP1415. And with dual motors instead of just one, the NP1620 needs double the maintenance to keep both power units operational.

If your main concern is ease of maintenance, the smaller NP1415 may be better suited to your needs. But the NP1620 gives you more advanced warning indicators to monitor wear and service requirements closely.

Specifications Favor The NP1620 For Sheer Size

Looking at the technical specifications side-by-side reveals just how much larger the NP1620 is:

  • The NP1620 weighs in at 89,290 lbs versus just 49,230 lbs for the NP1415
  • NP1620 rotor diameter and width are 63” x 78.75” versus 55” x 59” in the NP1415
  • NP1620 boasts over triple the installed power at 500 HP nominal

The NP1620 dominates when it comes to sheer physical size and horsepower. The NP1415 offers a more compact primary crushing solution.

Both models give you quality crushing capabilities from a trusted brand like Metso. It’s just a matter of choosing the right capacity and options to suit your operational needs.

Trust In Mellott’s ExpertiseTto Help You Choose The Best Metso HSI Crusher For Your Needs

The Metso NP1415 and NP1620 have their strengths and advantages for primary crushing needs. The NP1620 is the clear choice if you need higher throughput capacity and horsepower to pulverize very hard or oversized feed material. Its heavy-duty build handles more strenuous crushing work.

On the other hand, the more compact NP1415 offers ample primary crushing capabilities for smaller-scale applications or softer stone. It requires less maintenance and space than the bulkier NP1620.

As you evaluate your options, rely on Mellott’s expertise.

Our team of crusher experts will take the time to understand your challenges and recommend the perfect crusher to improve productivity and profitability. Contact us today at 888.621.8533 or online to find your ideal Metso HSI crusher.