Moral of the Story: Every Story has an End, but in Life Every End is a New Beginning

The Mellott University 2024 Graduates are from Berkeley Springs High: Cody Barney, Aiden Glascock, and Jake Furley; Hancock High: Brady Trumpower, Hunter Exline, Devon O’Brien; Everett High: Rylan Murdock; and Southern Fulton High: Gunner Kunkle, Trevor Gearhart, and Hayden Lawrence.

Mellott University students had their graduation ceremony last week, with proud parents, teachers, mentors, and leadership there to wish them well. Graduations are most times a bittersweet experience of endings and beginnings, of hellos and goodbyes.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Greg Walters, Sr Manager of Safety, Performance and Training, observed the chemistry between the students grow over time, “It was interesting to watch students from different school systems gel during their nine months in Mellott Tech. The awkwardness of not knowing most others at the beginning to the camaraderie, help, and good-natured bantering that grew on them as they became a team. Never forget that team forming experience. It will be invaluable throughout your career. Congratulations to all! The students all worked, learned, and grew together.”

Next Stop for the Graduates: Associate Degree

“It was intriguing for me to see all the growth, in each of the students as well as in our department throughout the year. Each of the students has so much potential to grow with and to help build the company’s future. It was a huge accomplishment for the Safety, Training, and Performance Department to partner with Blue Ridge Community and Technical College. To work with them on the curriculum that was structured and recorded for The Mellott Tech Program. We were able for the first time to achieve the student’s ability to receive 45 college credits. To see them sign up for their five remaining Blue Ridge courses to be able to obtain an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Technical Studies of An Industrial Technician, is a very exciting time for us.” Dave Coleman, Technical Trainer

Moving On!

Brenda Fox, Technology Trainer, sent the 2024 graduates off with this, “Moving On! It is with great pride to watch the Mellott Tech Students as they Move On as our next generation employees or toward a higher education. The numerous mentors at Mellott invest their time, knowledge, and skills in the development of young people. It’s more than just a program that supports the local community. We strive to give more of ourselves to them because we care. Building a foundation of knowledge, relationships, and Value Based Leadership principles. Setting a direction and a career path to success. Offering an opportunity, that they have earned, to join the team as apprentices. The trade learned and guiding principles will help them in all aspects of their life. We open doors, technically and academically, with a support network. We celebrate each of them for their dedication, commitment, and hard work. However, it’s not the end…it’s the beginning of the next stage of their life. Moral of the story: Every story has an end, but in life every end is a new beginning.”

Pictured above: Dave Coleman, Mike Sappenfield, CFO, Paul Mellott, Greg Walters, and Les Morris