Devon O’Brien is Crushing it at Mellott University

Devon O’Brien is thrilled to be a student at Mellott University, and he was chosen as Student of the Month because he goes above and beyond and does things that he is not asked to do. That is just one of Devon’s many fantastic traits. Devon has a take charge attitude which will get him far in life, he is a true leader. Devin likes the company atmosphere and how well he, along with the other students, are treated. He is also thrilled about the 45 college credit hours he will earn at Mellott University, and plans on finishing the remaining 15 to earn his associate degree. Devon feels lucky to be here and he emphasized that when he said, “Everyone here is very willing to teach us and assist us in our learning journey. I always feel supported and treated as a member of the Mellott team.” Devon’s goal is to be a welder, and he loves when he is able to weld here at Mellott. His least favorite thing is taking quizzes LOL but who likes them?

Devon’s favorite part of the program is Dave Coleman, Technical Trainer. “Dave is so patient and is a great teacher, I have learned so much form Dave.” In turn Dave had nothing but good things to say about Devon, “We have chosen Devon O’Brien of Hancock High School to be Mellott University’s Student of the Month. Devon has held perfect attendance. He displays integrity by beginning new trades from our program without hesitation. He quickly overcomes obstacles and doesn’t give up. He does very well on his academic testing. Every night Devon takes it upon himself without being told to shut everything down and clean up for a fresh start the following day. Devon has been a great addition to our program, and we are excited to see where his training takes him.” Dave Coleman, Technical Trainer for Mellott University.

When Devon is not at Mellott he enjoys mowing, fishing, and watching movies. Mowing gives him a sense of accomplishment and is very relaxing for him. Devon likes to fish locally in Hancock, MD, off Tollgate Ridge Road, he has wrestled many a catfish.

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