Energy-Efficient Features Of Metso’s Rock-Crushing Tech

a metso rock crusher on a working site

With continuously rising energy prices, rock-crushing operators are seeking ways to slash energy costs. Metso has answered the call by incorporating energy-efficient features into its innovative crushing technology. From advanced compression crushers to intelligent process control systems, Metso is leading the way in efficient and sustainable rock crushing.

Metso offers a wide range of technologies to help significantly reduce energy consumption across your entire crushing circuit. Whether you run a greenfield mining operation or an existing aggregate plant, Metso has solutions to improve efficiency. Upgrading to their energy-efficient equipment and processes can save substantial amounts on energy expenses.

Let’s examine how Metso’s rock-crushing innovations can drive down your energy costs and improve sustainability.

Energy-Efficient Crushing Methods

news metso cone crusher in useOne of the most effective ways Metso boosts efficiency is through its advanced crushing methods. Rather than relying solely on older impact or attrition designs, Metso offers more energy-efficient compression crushers.
For example, their high-pressure grinding rolls (HPGRs) utilize compression crushing technology that can reduce energy consumption in comminution circuits by up to 40% compared to conventional crushers. HPGRs consist of two counter-rotating tires that trap feed material between them as they rotate.

This subjects the ore to intense interparticle comminution that consumes less energy than impact or attrition crushing. In addition to HPGRs, Metso’s stirred grinding mills, such as the Vertimill, provide substantial energy savings for fine grinding applications.

Compared to traditional ball mills, the Vertimill can operate at lower power levels and achieve higher grinding efficiency. In fact, testing has shown Metso’s stirred mills can achieve energy savings of 35-50% over ball mills.

Optimized Crusher Design

In addition to advanced crushing methods, Metso has optimized the designs of its traditional compression crushers to maximize performance and energy efficiency. For example, the newer generation of cone crushers utilize improved kinematics and cavity designs. This enhances the cone crusher’s throughput capacity while maintaining an energy-efficient crushing process.

Metso’s gyratory crushers and jaw crushers have also been engineered for maximum productivity with less power consumption. Their gyratory design allows a reduction in speed while maintaining performance. This consumes less energy to crush material to size. The jaw crusher’s flywheel design also reduces operating RPM for lower energy needs.

Smaller features contribute to energy savings as well. Metso’s anti-spin system prevents the unproductive spinning of eccentrics. This avoids wasted energy while increasing bearing life. The crushers also have advanced lubrication systems that optimize oil usage and improve efficiency. Proper lubrication reduces internal friction in the crusher, lowering energy demands.

Advanced Drive Systems

The type of drive system used also impacts crushing energy requirements. Metso utilizes advanced direct drive systems on their crushers rather than belt drives. The direct drive provides higher power transmission efficiency and reduces maintenance needs.

Metso crushers are also equipped with assisted startup. This makes it possible to start the crusher with lower power demand compared to full startup torque. Once the crusher is operational, the drive continually matches torque demand to optimize energy use.

Additionally, Metso crushers feature precise variable frequency drives (VFDs). The VFD automatically detects changing load conditions and adapts motor speed to match. This optimizes energy usage across variable crushing conditions. Older systems without VFDs operate at full speed, even at low loads, wasting energy.

Intelligent Crushing Solutions

To further enhance efficiency, Metso offers advanced automation and control systems. These intelligent solutions optimize the entire rock-crushing process rather than just the individual crusher unit.

The automation continuously monitors and analyzes parameters such as material flow rates, power draw, level in the crushing cavity, feed size distribution, and final product sizing. It then automatically makes fine adjustments to settings and operating parameters to keep the crushing circuit running at peak efficiency. This allows the crushers to consume less energy across changing feed materials and conditions.

Specific automation features also improve energy performance. Metso’s cavity level monitoring system, for example, identifies when cavities are underfilled or overfilled. It can then make real-time adjustments to feed rates and crusher settings to optimize throughput and reduce excessive power peaks. This keeps energy usage consistently low.

Aftermarket Services

partsMetso also helps improve efficiency through its comprehensive aftermarket services. Their monitoring services can identify areas in your existing operation where energy usage and waste can be reduced. The detailed analytics can pinpoint optimization opportunities you may have overlooked.

Additionally, Metso’s OEM wear parts are engineered to maximize lifetime and minimize replacements. This reduces maintenance downtime, keeping your equipment operating at peak efficiency longer. With less downtime, energy isn’t wasted powering equipment that isn’t actively crushing material.

Proper maintenance keeps all components, such as bearings, lubrication systems, and drive systems, operating as designed. This sustains the built-in energy-saving capabilities.

Partner With Mellott For The Most Energy-Efficient Metso Rock Crushing Solutions

When evaluating options to upgrade your efficiency, rely on the expertise of Mellott. As an official Metso distributor, our team has the knowledge to help identify which solutions will deliver the biggest impact for your specific operation.

We can also provide local support to implement the new equipment and train your crews. Our combination of Metso know-how and real-world service ensures you crush rocks sustainably and profitably. When you work with Mellott, you’ll also have access to experienced field services teams who can perform regular equipment maintenance and identify potential problems before they cause inefficiencies.

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