Sustainable Crushing: Metso’s Innovations In Reducing Environmental Footprint

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With rising expectations around sustainability, the mining industry is searching for ways to reduce its environmental impact. As a major supplier of crushing solutions, Metso is committed to developing technologies that enable sustainable operations.

The company’s energy and water-efficient crushing equipment, along with circular services, are helping customers improve efficiency and meet sustainability targets.

Driving Energy Efficiency In Crushing Operations

Reducing energy consumption is a key focus area for Metso’s crushing innovations. Their Lokotrack hybrid mobile crushers, for instance, give operators the flexibility to plug into lower-cost electrical power instead of running solely on diesel. This can lower the consumption of fuel by up to 50% compared to traditional mobile units.

Cone crushers and piles of stonesThe installation process for crusher liners has also been streamlined. Metso’s new liner fastening system requires no backing material behind the liners.

This eliminates the energy, emissions, and costs associated with manufacturing and transporting tons of backing material. Liner changes are also safer and faster without backing to deal with.

In addition, Metso continues to optimize the kinematic crushing action and cavity designs in their crushers through research and development.

Their latest generation of Nordberg HP cone crushers, for example, consumes up to 10% less energy than previous models. When dealing with thousands of crushing hours per year, these types of gains deliver major energy savings.

Metso is also leading the way in introducing electric crushing and screening solutions. Their modular, battery-powered Lokotrack UrbanTM line is ideal for noise and emission-sensitive environments such as cities and indoor spaces.

Transitioning toward electric drives reduces local environmental impacts and means renewable energy sources can be utilized.

Water Management Innovations

With water scarcity an increasing concern, mining companies are seeking ways to reduce freshwater demand. Metso’s crushing portfolio includes water-saving options as well.

Using High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGRs) for ore crushing, for example, eliminates the need for wet grinding stages downstream reducing total process water requirements. HPGRs can be utilized for dry crushing applications.

In tailings management, Metso offers advanced paste thickeners and filtration systems. These technologies maximize water recovery and reduce losses to tailings. Upwards of 80% of processed water can be recycled using these innovative dewatering methods.

Treating raw water also enables the use of lower quality sources such as saline groundwater. Where feasible, Metso can develop customized water treatment solutions to expand available resources and reduce freshwater imports.

Discover The Sustainable Lokotrack LT120 Jaw Crusher

Dust emissions have long been an issue for crushing plants. Metso specifically designed their new Lokotrack LT120 mobile jaw crusher to minimize dust and noise pollution.

The LT120 features an oscillating feeder covered with rubber linings to reduce dust right from the start of the crushing process. A long main conveyor equipped with a belt cleaning system also helps contain dust within the chassis.

This efficient and ecological mobile unit combines the proven Nordberg C120 jaw crusher with Metso’s sharpened focus on sustainability. All electric drives, enclosed body panels, remote control options, and low noise levels allow the LT120 to operate responsibly in urban environments.

Circular Services For Sustainable Crushing

Metso provides services designed to extend equipment lifetimes and minimize waste through partners such as Mellott. These circular solutions benefit both the customer and the environment.

Modernizing and refurbishing used crushers, for example, gives aging assets a second life while incorporating the latest technology. A crusher retrofit might add automated process controls to streamline performance and boost energy efficiency.

Digital tools such as Metrics enable asset monitoring and predictive maintenance planning. This maximizes uptime while minimizing travel and inspections. Streamlining maintenance this way reduces how much energy is used and any emissions associated with transport and manpower.

Recycling crusher wear parts through Metso’s liner recycling program also delivers sustainability gains. Manganese steel is recovered for reuse and polymer materials are incinerated for energy recovery rather than being dumped in a landfill. The customer gets quality wear parts with a smaller environmental footprint.

Building Sustainability Partnerships

NordtrackMetso believes partnering across industries and with research institutions is essential for developing sustainable solutions. They actively participate in collaborative initiatives aimed at accelerating this progress.

For example, Metso worked closely with Metsä Fibre in the design of their new Rauma sawmill, now one of the world’s most modern and sustainable sawmills. Metso’s plant was carefully designed to minimize energy demand and environmental impacts.

In 2021, Metso also established an Innovation Center in Espoo, Finland, where the company’s experts work with their customers and partners to identify problems and develop solutions for some of the most pressing mining industry challenges, including increased efficiency and sustainability.

The facility offers capabilities like virtual plant tours, digital twin modeling, remote accessibility, and sustainability demonstrations.

Achieve Your Sustainability Goals With Mellott & Metso

Metso is continuously innovating to develop more sustainable crushing solutions. Their energy and water-efficient equipment, circular services, and collaborative approach are helping drive real progress for the industry.

Mellott’s crushing experts can assess your specific challenges and opportunities. With extensive experience, our team can recommend the optimal Metso solutions for improving the sustainability of your crushing operations.

Contact us today at 888.621.8533 or online, and let us show you how Metso’s leading crushing technologies can reduce your environmental impact while boosting efficiency.