Mellott Employee Spotlight: Carole Zirkle

mellott employee Carole Zirkle

Every once in a blue moon an employee comes a long that is spot on perfect for their position, and Carole Zirkle is that employee.

After 17 loyal years of service to Mellott, Carole is retiring, and she will be sorely missed. Paul Mellott, Chairman, reflected on Carole’s career with Mellott, “Carole was promoted to be our Executive Assistant in late December of 2006. In the first week of 2007 we announced to the industry that we were selling our Heritage part of the company (quarries and ready-mix operations). She had no choice but to hit the road running, and it never stopped. She is an intelligent, optimistic, hardworking, and problem-solving lady. Her unassuming style of leadership added much value to our senior management group and to the company’s success, as well as to our team’s culture.

Carole believed in the motto “Pass it on”.

She learned about contracts, billing, the aggregate industry, and HR issues. Her commitment to training Leslie was an admirable success over a period of two years because Carole cares about our company and our employees. Carole is one of our team who truly appreciate our VBL journey over the last 17 years. She was acknowledged as the Excellence award winner in 2014. Her personality is loaded with confidence and joy. She could listen and talk to everyone from CEO’s who were visiting our campus to employee spouses with questions about health insurance. I often tell her that she is the sister I never had. We will miss you very much but wish for you and Zane to enjoy your family and friends for a long time.”

Jeff Rowland, Manager of Human Resources, said, “After a long-storied career, she will take a short leave of absence and return part-time until she plans to officially retire on December 16th of this year.  Carole is hardworking, motivated, detailed and a true Leader among her peers.  Her tenacity will be missed” “We appreciate her and consider her a friend.”  “Good to Great – Carole is a good example of having the right person in the right seat on the bus”

Carole has been busy mentoring Leslie Caldwell, a 25-year employee at Mellott, that will be taking over for Carole. She has some big shoes to fill, but if anyone can fill those shoes, its Leslie!