Important Metso Lokotrack LT120 Jaw Crushing Plant Specs

Metso LT120 on highway

Metso’s Lokotrack LT120 is designed for high-capacity primary crushing in quarrying applications. As a track-mounted unit, it can be easily moved between sites or follow the quarry face. The LT120 builds upon the proven Nordberg C120 jaw crusher, featuring a large feed opening and aggressive crushing action to handle hard rock such as granite and basalt.

Read on to learn the important specs that make the Lokotrack LT120 an efficient and reliable mobile crushing plant.

Robust Feed System

The Lokotrack LT120 features a heavy-duty feeder designed for continuous crushing. Key elements include:

  • Metso Lokotrack LT120LT120 feeder — Heavy-duty vibrating grizzly feeder with an efficient stroke and vibration motion.
  • Grizzly bars — The first grizzly has 90mm (3.5″) spacing, while the second grizzly is set at 90mm to remove fines.
  • Screen deck — Made of durable 35mm (1.38″) steel mesh cloth.
  • Hopper — Extended 12 m3 hopper provides a large material load.

With its two-stage grizzly system, the LT120 feeder effectively screens out fine materials and feeds evenly sized material to the crusher. The hopper extensions provide extra storage capacity as needed.

Hard Rock Crushing Unit

At the heart of the Lokotrack LT120 is the Nordberg C120 jaw crusher. With its 1,200 x 870 mm (47″ x 34″) feed opening, the C120 is designed for high-capacity crushing of even the hardest rock types.

  • Nordberg C120 crusher — With its long stroke and aggressive kinematics, the C120 delivers high crushing efficiency and capacity in quarrying applications.
  • Crusher profile — The LT120 uses the quarry jaw profile optimized for hard rock.
  • Hydraulic adjustment — The crusher setting can be easily adjusted hydraulically for fast changeovers between applications.
  • Lubrication — The C120 comes standard with automatic lubrication to keep the jaw’s moving parts properly oiled.
  • Material level sensor — This useful option maintains optimal feed into the crusher to prevent jamming and blockages.
  • Belt protection — A steel plate under the crusher protects the main conveyor belt from damage by falling material.

Metso Lokotrack LT120 Mobile Jaw Crusher crushing aggregate

Powerful and Efficient Engine

The Lokotrack LT120 is powered by a potent Cat C9.3B diesel engine rated at 415hp.

  • CAT C9.3B engine — Provides 310kW (415hp) for crushing hard materials efficiently.
  • Tier 4 final — The latest emission control technology keeps the LT120’s emissions low.
  • Climate control — The standard kit allows operation in temperatures from -20 °C to +35 °C.

Reliable power and high fuel efficiency make the Cat diesel engine well-suited for mobile crushing applications.

Main Conveyor and Stockpile

The Lokotrack LT120 utilizes a heavy-duty belt conveyor to handle high volumes of crushed material.

  • Main conveyor — Extended design with maximum stockpile capacity. Conveyor length can be customized.
  • Magnetic separator — Removes tramp metal from the crushed material on the main conveyor.
  • Discharge height — Up to 4.6m high for large stockpiles. Conveyor height is adjustable.

With its extended main conveyor, the LT120 can create substantial product stockpiles. The conveyor is also equipped to remove stray metals before discharging.

Additional Features and Options

The Lokotrack LT120 can be customized with useful options such as an integrated hydraulic breaker, remote control, and maintenance platforms to enhance productivity, safety, and ease of operation.

  • Interlocking — Allows the LT120 to be linked to other Lokotrack plants for automated process control.
  • Hydraulic breaker — A hammer fitted to the boom breaks oversize material before crushing.
  • Maintenance platform — Provides safe, easy access to the crusher and surrounding components.
  • Radio remote control — Allows control of the feeder, tracks, and stop/start.

These options customize the Lokotrack LT120 to suit different crushing sites and applications.

Transport Dimensions and Weight

Despite its heavy-duty build, the Lokotrack LT120 is designed for easy transport between locations.

  • Weight — 63,000 kg (138,000 lbs) operating weight.
  • Width — 3,000 mm (9′ 10″) width allows highway transport on a lowboy trailer.
  • Height — 3,900 mm (12′ 10″) transport height clears under bridges.
  • Length — 16,650 mm (54′ 8″) length can be permitted on highways with proper escorts. The crusher itself can be transported in sections if needed.

While one of the largest jaw crushers on tracks, the LT120 is engineered for efficient transport between quarry or contract crushing sites.

Ideal Applications

With its high crushing capacity and hard rock capabilities, the Lokotrack LT120 is ideal for:

  • Primary crushing duty in granite, basalt, and other quarrying applications.
  • High-volume aggregate production, where efficient crushing is required.
  • Mobile crushing alongside the quarry face or across multiple sites.
  • Working independently or paired with secondary cone crushers and screens.

The Benefits of Metso’s LT120 Mobile Crusher

The Lokotrack LT120 delivers significant advantages for quarrying and contract crushing operators:

  • High capacity — Large C120 jaw crusher and feeder deliver maximum crushing productivity in mobile applications.
  • Power and efficiency — The CAT 415hp engine provides the raw power for heavy crushing while maintaining good fuel economy.
  • Mobility — The LT120 is easy to transport between sites yet handles high volumes once in operation.
  • Reliability — Developed from the proven Nordberg C120 crusher, the LT120 is designed for steady crushing duty with minimal downtime.
  • Safety — Guarding, platforms, and remote control promote safe operation and maintenance.
  • Support — Metso provides expert support, parts, and service worldwide.

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