Conveyor System Problems / Causes and Their Solutions – 1st in the Series

1. Idlers or pulleys out-of-square with center line of belt: Readjust idlers in affected area.
2. Conveyor frame or structure crooked: Straighten in affected area.
3. Idler stands not centered on belt: Readjust idlers in affected area.
4. Sticking idlers: Free idlers and improve maintenance and lubrication
5. Buildup of material on idlers: Remove accumulation; improve maintenance. Install
scrapers of other cleaning devices.

6. Belt not joined squarely: Remove affected splice and re-splice.
7. Bowed belt: For new belt this condition should disappear during break-in; in rare
instances, belt must be straightened or replaced; check storage and handling of belt rolls.
8. Off-center loading or poor loading: Adjust chute to place load on center of belt; discharge
material in direction of belt travel at or near belt speed.
9. Slippage on drive pulley: Increase tension through screw take-up or add counterweight;
lag drive pulley; increase arc of contact.
10. Material spillage and buildup: Improve loading and transfer conditions; install cleaning
devices; improve maintenance4.

11. Bolt heads protruding above lagging: Tighten bolts; replace lagging; use vulcanized-on
12. Tension too high: Increase speed, same tonnage; reduce tonnage. Same speed; reduce
friction with better maintenance and replacement of damaged idlers; decrease tension by
increasing arc of contact or go to lagged pulley; reduce CWT to minimum amount.
13. Skirt boards improperly adjusted or of wrong material: Adjust skirt board supports to
minimum 1: between metal and belt with gap increasing in direction of belt travel; use skirt
board rubber (not old belt).
14. Load jams in chute: Redesign chute for proper angle and width.