Mellott’s Annual Strategic Sales Summit

“It was great to meet our counterparts from our partner companies and see the expertise and additional resources they bring with them. Lots of very useful information was presented throughout the meeting.” Ronnie Godman, Account Manager – Marion Machine
Over 46 sales leaders, managers, and executives of Mellott, Marion Machine, KastRock, NorX and Southern Machinery joined together February 27-28, 2024, at the Mellott corporate headquarters to compete in a functional, hands-on training program and sales workshop focused on operational excellence while having a lot of fun in the process.

“I thought it was great getting everybody together from all our companies in one place at the same time. It was nice meeting new people.” Matt Graham, Account Manager – Mellott
The group was then treated to an educational tour of our equipment yard for some hands-on training and discussion on the benefits and features of our MC Equipment product line before gathering for a delicious dinner of fried chicken and further discussion and to share information on how we can better serve our customers.

“The sales meeting was very productive with input from all areas of Mellott and our partner companies. It was great to meet the members of our new Mellott Family and learn about the products, services, and support that they provide. The passing of this knowledge will help us grow as a company and lead to larger opportunities both internally and externally with our customer base.” Todd Smith, Account Manager – Mellott
Each of our teams were judged by their peers to determine who was the winning presenting team. It was a close competition, but ultimately the creativity of Jim Levy and Tim Rohm won the group over and they took home the championship belts.

“I appreciated the hands-on training with our machine inventory in the yard in addition to learning from the opportunity and challenges faced by our newer partner companies operating in different geographic regions.” Paul Ferlis, Account Manager – Mellott
Rich Blake, President and CEO had this to say about the event: “Our annual sales summit was a great success. I’m grateful that we had an extended period this week to reflect on our core values and yearly accomplishments. I’m hopeful about the new goals and expectations we’ve set moving forward. Our goal is to win!”
“It was a lot of fun and our team gained first-hand experience on how to safely and proficiently start, stop, and operate a crushing and screening plant,” said Justin Mellott, General Sales Manager.

“The Mellott Strategic Sales Summit provided an opportunity to meet some of our co-workers from Mellott’s network of companies that we otherwise may not have. At the Strategic Sales Summit we learned about products, different markets, and most importantly resources that are available to us as Mellott employees.” Alex Veldhuizen, Account Manager – Mellott
Thanks to our dedicated and loyal customers, we anticipate another growth year with a record backlog and strong prospect lists. Our goal at Mellott, Marion Machine, KastRock, NorX and Southern Machinery is to have extensive knowledge of the products and equipment we represent and to ensure that when our customers contact us, we are ready with the solutions and expertise they need.