Mellott University’s Student of the Month: Hunter Exline

Everyone Loves Dave!
Hunter Exline, applied to Mellott University because he had an interest in welding, but he soon found out that the people here are his favorite part of his job, “especially Dave.” he said. Dave, our Technical Trainer, here at Mellott had nothing but good things to say about Hunter, “Hunter has been a great addition to our program. He came into the program with the desire to learn how to weld but, he has gained so much more. Though most of the time he is quiet, he is always paying attention to the details. He demonstrates our Company’s Value of Respect. From the start of the program, he has always been on time with a great attendance record. It has been an adventure seeing Hunter grow in the Company.”

Hunter Digs the Great Outdoors
When not working Hunter loves to take long drives where he hopes to get lost along the way before finding his way back. He enjoys 4-wheelers, fishing, hunting for whitetail deer, and spending time with his mom, dad, six siblings, and his dog, Bruno.

Country Roads, Take me Home
Hunter is currently a senior at Hancock High School, and he plans to take the 45 college credits he will earn while attending Mellott University and complete the other 15 to earn his associate degree. Hunter is a real go getter when it comes to his classes at Mellott University. When he passed his welding test the first time he was thrilled, but it was no surprise to anyone else as Hunter loves coming to Mellott every day and it shows.