5 Advanced Applications of Metso Cone Crushers in Modern Construction

Advanced cone crushers are essential in modern construction projects thanks to their exceptional crushing efficiency, versatility, and intelligent capabilities. From aggregate production to construction waste recycling, cone crushers such as those supplied by Mellott offer sustainable solutions while maximizing productivity.

As a leading distributor for Metso’s high-performance cone crushers, Mellott brings extensive expertise to the table. Our durable crushing plants feature the latest advancements in cone crusher technology tailored to the demanding needs of the construction sector.

Read on for five construction applications where Metso cone crushers are making a real difference through their advanced functionalities.

Ensuring Consistent Aggregate Quality for Concrete and Asphalt

HP Units Out FrontWell-graded aggregates with optimal particle shape are the fundamental building blocks of durable concrete and asphalt mixes. The strength and aesthetic appeal of these construction materials depends greatly on the quality of the raw aggregates used. Crushing equipment, therefore, plays an indispensable preparatory role upstream in the production cycle.

Metso’s advanced cone crushers are perfectly designed for this preparatory job. Unlike old-generation cone crushers with rudimentary crushing chambers, the optimized chamber profile in Metso cone crushers promotes a balanced rate of size reduction. This aids in producing cubical output aggregates with consistent gradation and particle shape.

The plants also enable users to adjust parameters such as the CSS (closed side setting) gap and eccentric speed to tailor aggregate size distribution as needed. These crushers have overload protection features for reliability, tackling demanding concrete and asphalt aggregate specifications dependably.

Plus, their high crushing efficiency, even on the hardest rocks, keeps production rates and operating costs under control.

A Sustainable Solution for Construction and Demolition Waste

With rising environmental awareness, the construction sector is emphasizing sustainable practices to reduce landfill waste. An advanced application where Mellott cone crushers lead the way is recycling huge volumes of debris from construction and demolition (C&D) projects.

Mellott’s MC200HPS-CC portable plant, for instance, embodies the future of efficient on-site C&D waste recycling. Its 200 HP power translates into formidable crushing functionality. The crusher’s heavy-duty build quality also ensures non-stop operation shift after shift, cutting waste transportation costs substantially over the years.

An automated tramp release system expels occasional uncrushable objects such as tramp iron without stopping the crusher. This prevents damage to internal parts, a common pain point in conventional designs. Overall, with minimal manual intervention needed, the plant reliably recycles C&D debris into reusable aggregates, supporting circular economy goals.

Crushing in Mines and Quarries

Rock-crushing equipment employed in mining and quarrying bears some of the most extreme operating loads across industries. These machines have to tackle continual exposure to abrasive and high-density rock streams and operate reliably around the clock to optimize returns on investment in the capital-intensive mineral extraction sector.

This is where the resilient build quality and intelligent features of Mellott cone crusher plants equipped with Metso cone crushers come into the picture. Take the MC300HPS-CC model, for example. Its fabricated steel frame and triple-axle setup can withstand merciless vibration levels and shock loads in rough terrain. AR 400 abrasion-resistant steel in important components such as the feed chute minimizes wear and cuts maintenance costs.

Moreover, inbuilt system health sensors enable proactive identification and correction of problems before failure occurs. Automated overload protection and advanced hydraulic drives optimize energy efficiency as well, which are essential factors impacting profit margins in mining. With such well-rounded technological innovations, Mellott cone-crushing plants hit the sweet spot between productivity, safety, and sustainability.

Specialized Solutions for Road Building Needs

Road construction continues to be one of the most material-intensive infrastructure activities, relying heavily on locally available aggregates. However, different layers making up the road structure pose varying aggregate quality needs. Base layers demand high interlocking and shear strength properties, for instance, while surface layers require good bonding with bitumen.

Metso’s advanced cone crushers, with their precisely adjustable output settings, can cater to these unique road-building needs flexibly. Parameters such as the CSS gap, throw distance, choke feed rate, and eccentric shaft speed empower users to tailor particle gradation and shape. Quick relocation aids mobility between job sites as material specifications evolve across large projects.

Dominant players in the global road construction space are already integrating such modern crushing solutions into their fleets to extract the most value from local aggregate sources in a sustainable manner.

Niche Applications in the Cement and Ceramics Sectors

While aggregates and mining applications form the primary markets, advanced cone crushers also serve certain specialized needs in cement production, ceramics manufacturing, and chemical processing sectors.

Cement production, for example, relies chiefly on crushing mineral ores and blending accurately graded limestone before kiln feeding. The extreme operating temperatures and chemical exposures make parameters such as equipment longevity and energy efficiency essential here.

With their wear-resistant crushing components and state-of-the-art drive systems, Metso’s cone crushers provide the perfect solution. Portable crusher plants such as the MC200 HPS-CC from Mellott allow cost-effective parts replacement at wear interfaces using advanced alloys to maximize functional life. Automated control features also aid in optimizing throttling and choke feeding for consistency in particle size distribution and lower energy needs.

Similarly, Metso cone crushers also facilitate efficient clay crushing for ceramics applications and abrasive mineral processing in the chemicals industry. Their advanced yet user-friendly designs make them versatile allies across construction-affiliated sectors.

Partner with Mellott for Advanced Sustainable Cone Crusher Solutions

As ecological consciousness and measures for operational efficiency grow in prominence, cone crushers are gearing up to revolutionize future construction practices through circular solutions. With decades of combined experience in cone-crushing applications, Mellott is uniquely positioned to advise construction companies on solutions tailored to their needs.

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