Mellott University’s Student of the Month: Rylan Murdock

Man on a mission
“Our next Student of the month is Rylan Murdock; he is from Everett High School. Rylan came late into our program so he could complete his football season. Rylan displays Mellott’s Core Value of Commitment. Though he started behind all the others, he really doubled down, stayed committed, and quickly caught up on all his academics. Rylan is a great addition to our program and shows interest in our contract crushing department. We are excited to see Rylan grow with the Company.” Dave Coleman, Technical Trainer

Rylan graduates in May and will be playing in the Pennsylvania All-Stars game on June 16, 2024. Football was his favorite part of high school, along with being a mentor for the younger students.

Family, pooch, and a truck = perfection
When he is not working hard at Mellott University, he is home with his other 5 brothers and sisters, cleaning his beloved 2008 GMC Sierra pickup truck, and hanging with his black Golden Doodle, Judd.

Mellott University gave Rylan the opportunity to leave school and be paid to earn 45 college credits while learning a trade from some of the best in the aggregate industry.