Better Days Ahead With Metso Trellex Bed Liners!

Increase the life of the truck bed & your downtime
Mellott was able to obtain time lapse video of a Metso Trellex rubber truck bed liner installation to bring you an inside look at the process for the installation of these liners. A simple way to protect your investment while also limiting your down time and beating out the life span of comparable steel liners.

Throughout the video you can see the process from start to finish on the pre-installation setup to the final torque of the hex nut.

This process can be done in 5-7 hours depending on the bed size and the amount of coverage you want.

Recorded is the bottom of the bed only, but the configuration can be made for the entire back of the bed. Always load from one side? You can line that as well.

“Being able to be a part of the truck bed liner install was an amazing experience. Being able to spend time with our Team at NorX was an experience I will never forget. Getting a customer set up with a liner that not only assisted with wear life, but also aids in the safety and well being of the haul truck driver is a great feeling of success. Our industry can be a dangerous one so being a part of an install as simple as a truck bed liner but knowing that the haul truck drivers day will be a little easier was worth every second of install.” Jamie Bryner, Product Support – Wears and Media/Inside Sales

Spencer, with Norx pictured below.

Why put rubber instead of steel?
The answer is simple, and the data is there to support it. Utilizing rubber truck bed liners vs steel decreases the felt vibration by 97%. Meaning the shock load your driver feels when the stone is loaded into the bed is greatly reduced, giving your driver a better day at work. Better days raise morale, with better moral comes more productivity making you hit your bottom line.

These beds also reduce noise by roughly 50%. This increases safety and gets you ahead of the curve on noise ordinances and safety regulations.

These liners have been shown to last longer than steel, which enables you to have less maintenance down time for replacement.

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