Sparks Fly at Mellott Fabrication Facility with Plasma Burn Tables

Inside the Mellott fabrication facility

Burn table cuts slots in a sheet of steel.

Orders have picked up at Mellott fabrication, to the level that the Mellott Fabrication Shop has been able to justify the installation of a second plasma burn table.

“Plasma is a mixture between air, other gases, and electricity and cuts the metal plates out,” said Tom, burn table operator at Mellott.

The second burn table is more versatile and more accurate. “The accuracy is between 20 and 30 thousands [of an inch],” he said. The tables can burn sheets of steel up to 10 foot wide by 20 foot long and up to two inches thick.

“The new [burn table] has ‘True-hole’ technology, which slows is down for the hole, which makes the holes more precise,” said Chad, also a burn table operator at Mellott.

“It’s much faster than cutting by hand,” said Tom. Jonas, Mellott fabrication equipment manager at Mellott noted that the new burn table transitions much faster than the old burn table and significantly reduces the cutting time required for production.

“The burn tables are so important that we knew we needed two of them, in case we had a problem with one of them,” said Greg, fabrication operations manager at Mellott. “In a modern steel shop it’s just the kind of equipment you can’t be without it,” he said. Mellott designs, engineers, and fabricates customized processing plants for industries that handles hard materials, like crushed stone, slag, recycled building materials, and similar.