Mellott’s Steven Weller Has Earned the Professional Engineer’s License

Steven Weller Rocks!

The Professional Engineer License is a coveted honor that not many obtain, but Mellott’s Steven Weller, Structural Design Engineer, PE • Engineering, has done just that. Steven earned a BS from an accredited Board of Engineering and Technology University in 2007 and it took him sixteen years to get to his PE. Mellott is proud of this achievement and is extremely lucky to have Steven on the team.

Such a Long Journey

To earn a PE in Pennsylvania, one must complete many steps. The first of which is earning a Bachelor of Science from an accredited Board of Engineering and Technology University. The next step is to take and pass an eight hour long Fundamental of Engineering exam (EIT). which used to be only available two times a year. Next in this journey is to complete at least 4 years of progressive engineering experience under a licensed professional Engineer after earning the (EIT) certificate. Then it’s on to submitting an application to take the PE exam to Pennsylvania Engineering Board with a summary of work experience, and five references, three of which need to be licensed Engineers. Once the application is approved then he had to take and pass an eight hour long Professional Engineering exam.

Steven’s Tenacity Paid Off

Steven had this to say about his accomplishment in the field of engineering, “It has been a long journey with successes and failures. I have failed each exam multiple times (EIT) & (PE), before ultimately passing. After each failure there certainly was self-doubt and disappointment, so finally completing all requirements and earning my PE was my greatest accomplishment in Engineering. Some engineering disciplines don’t require a PE license, but being a structural engineer, I always found it difficult to call myself a structural engineer without the Professional licensure.”

Mellott congratulates Steven and knows all his hard work was worth it.