Expanding Your Project Capabilities With Top-Notch Equipment Rentals

large construction site with several earthmover machines

The construction industry relies heavily on renting equipment such as excavators, loaders, crushers, and more. For those businesses in the building industry, renting provides flexibility to take on diverse projects without major capital investments. It also gives access to late-model, high-performance equipment when you need it.

If you want to expand your project capabilities, partnering with a reputable rental provider is key. Read on to learn how renting construction equipment, especially crushing equipment rentals, can benefit your business.

The Power Of Renting Construction Equipment

rubber wheels of soil grade tractor car earthmoving at road construction sideRenting equipment provides advantages over buying when it comes to flexibility, costs, and access to the latest technology. With rentals, you can scale equipment needs up or down based on project scope while avoiding large capitals. Renting also gives you access to new equipment with innovative features and improved performance.

When you rent equipment, you pay for it only when you need it. The ability to return machines when projects wrap up converts fixed costs into variable costs, improving cash flow management. Without a fleet of owned equipment, you also avoid expenses associated with repairs, maintenance, insurance, and storage, creating savings that can be dedicated to growth.

Renting provides the agility to take on diverse projects as opportunities arise, allowing for a wider range of job types and sizes and the ability to score last minute opportunities. Lead times for deliveries are often short, getting machines to job sites quickly instead of waiting for purchased equipment to be delivered.

Crushing Equipment Rentals Give You More Options

Construction, demolition, and mining operations often require crushing equipment which produce aggregates from hard rock, recycled concrete, and other materials. The type of crusher needed depends on the material, product size, capacity, portability, and other factors.

Renting crushers is advantageous when demand for recycled aggregates fluctuates allowing your business to meet temporary spikes in demand without unnecessary capital outlay. Renting also allows you to produce specific aggregate sizes for custom jobs by adjusting the closed-side setting eliminating the need to own multiple units.

There are three main types of crushers to consider renting:

  • Jaw Crushers: Ideal for primary crushing. Jaws open and close to crush material, typically with two jaws.
  • Cone Crushers: Used typically for secondary crushing. The cone rapidly spins against the adjustable bowl to crush material into smaller pieces.
  • Impact Crushers: These employ high-speed rotating hammers or blow bars to crush material through impact and tend to produce more uniformly sized aggregate.

Crushers are often paired with screening plants. The screen sorts the material by size post-crushing; you simply rent the crusher-screen combination your application requires.

Increase Efficiency With Latest Equipment

Newer crusher models have features that improve performance and efficiency. Look for equipment with the latest:

  • Crusher automation: Automated controls regulate crushing, protect against overloading or jamming, and reduce the need for operator input.
  • Condition monitoring: Sensors track key metrics such as bearing temps and alert operators to potential issues before failure, which maximizes uptime.
  • Multi-purpose designs: Models such as the wheeled jaw plants can handle crushing and screening in a single unit. They also reduce the need for extra equipment.
  • Enhanced safety: New crushers have modern safeguards including emergency stop buttons, protected conveyors, and fire suppression, promoting a safer job site.
  • Higher capacity: Larger crusher opening areas mean higher crushing rates per hour, which improves workflow and productivity.

Renting gets late-model equipment in your hands whereas buying may mean waiting years between purchases, lagging behind on new technology.

Rent Attachments To Boost Versatility

Renting attachments expands what you can accomplish with basic machines such as excavators and wheel loaders. Instead of buying dedicated equipment, transform them into multi-tools with attachments:

  • Quick coupler systems: Allow fast swapping of buckets, breakers, and other attachments. You can switch tools in minutes without leaving the cab.
  • Buckets: Equip with heavy-duty buckets for excavation and swap for light material buckets when handling aggregates.
  • Hydraulic breakers: Hammer attachments used for breaking up materials such as concrete and rock. Multiple sizes are available to match the excavator class.
  • Compactors: Prep soil and compact aggregates, with drum rollers and plate compactors helping to optimize density.
  • Drills and augers: Bore holes in dirt, asphalt, and other media, making them useful for geotechnical, environmental, and construction applications.
  • Grapples: Grab and move logs, pipes, beams, debris, and more. Ideal for demolition and recycling operations.

With the right attachments, a single base machine can handle multiple tasks on site. Swap tools for the job at hand rather than owning single-use equipment cutting capital costs and storage needs.

Partner With a Reputable Rental Company

The advantages of renting equipment rely heavily on working with an experienced and reliable rental company. When selecting a partner:

  • big crusher machineLook for an established company with a strong safety record and culture. Proper training and equipment servicing promote job site safety.
  • Seek a large, diverse rental fleet. Access to the latest models and range of options prevents project delays.
  • Require regular maintenance programs. Well-maintained equipment has less downtime and higher residual values.
  • Ensure quick deliveries and pickups that work with your schedule. Avoid paying for machines when you don’t need them.
  • Check for staff with thorough equipment expertise. They can advise you on the best solutions and provide operator training.

Partner With Mellott For All Your Crusher Equipment Rentals

Renting equipment provides a path to grow your capabilities and take on a wider range of projects. Avoiding major capital investments in owned equipment gives you financial flexibility while also putting late-model, high-tech machinery in your hands.

Crushing equipment rentals are a prime example of how renting expands possibilities. With on-demand access to the latest jaw, cone, and impact crusher models, you can produce specialized aggregates for custom jobs.

Paired with screening plants, you get the exact crushing and sorting you need. The versatility of rentals combined with access to new technology gives you an advantage. Work with an expert rental partner; Mellott can unlock your full project potential.

Our expertise in crushing equipment rentals will help you increase efficiency on-site while controlling costs. Contact Mellott today at 888.621.8533 or online, and let us help you elevate what your business can accomplish.