Metso Nordberg® HP400™: A Cinderella Story

When we take on a rebuild at Mellott, many things go into that process. Recently our Service Department performed a rebuild on a Metso HP400, and this is the story, a Cinderella story if I may.

First let me say that the Metso Nordberg® HP400™ cone crusher is a versatile rock crushing machine frequently utilized as a secondary, tertiary, or quaternary crusher in aggregates production or in mining operations. It is part of the world’s most popular cone crusher series, and designed for high productivity, low operating and wear costs, long service life and high efficiency, providing high quality product.

The machine that was rebuilt here at Mellott was built from parts and pieces that we had in inventory, and everything in it is brand new. The rebuild took four days, and it was put on the test stand for two hours no load prior to it ever leaving Mellott. Our test stand has just been given a rebuild of its own with the following upgrades:

o Data log: oil flow, oil pressure, lubrication oil filter pressure differential
o Lubrication supply temp
o Lubrication return temp
o Lubrication oil cooler differential temp
o Pressure vibration
o Crusher RPM
o Crusher coast down
o Hydraulic pressure clamp
o Hydraulic pressure tramp
o Power measurement

Ron Teeters, Mellott’s Service Manager, had this to say about all the upgrades to the test stand, “Our test stand has recently been upgraded to incorporate the latest technology and features of crusher data logging. We have incorporated technology to capture lubrication oil flow, oil pressures, temperatures, RPM, coast down, vibration and motor current readings all in real time. We have also installed Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) on our lubrication pump motor and crusher drive motors to allow oil flow and RPM to be adjusted with ease by one of our qualified technicians during the testing of various types of crushers. This technology allowed us to incorporate fail-safe parameters within our PLC logic protecting the crusher from high temperature, low lubrication oil flow, low hydraulic pressures, high vibration, clogged oil filters and high temperature differential. All this data combined is viewed in real time as well as data logged for generation of reports that will be provided to our end users.”

When James “Rat” Rathburn, Mellott’s Service Shop Supervisor, was first contacted by our client regarding the rebuild, he was a bit nervous, here’s why, and what he had to say about it, “After numerous conversations with the customer about different issues he was having with different pieces of equipment that we had recently worked on, I got another call. I wholeheartedly expected this to be the biggest butt chewing I would ever get. I couldn’t have been more wrong; the customer did, however, have another issue, but he wasn’t upset. After apologizing repeatedly about the previous issues and the current issue, I said you seem to be very calm for the aggravation that has been happening lately. (Not all our doing) He responded back to me and said, Ratt, we are all human, we’re all going to make mistakes, is it ideal, no, but here’s what I take from this. Whenever there has been an issue after we had something repaired, you guys fixed it, you didn’t drag your feet, you fixed it. I will pay the extra to have you guys drive 8 -9 hrs. round trip to work on my equipment because you stand behind your work and that lets me sleep at night.” Our clients trust Mellott, because we value our relationships with our clients, and we stand by our work. The next time your rock crusher needs a rebuild or service, we’re your men.