Conveyor System Problems/Causes and The Solutions – 2nd in the Series

Preventive Maintenance: Don’t start today by doing yesterday’s work.
15. Material hanging up in or under the chute: Improve loading to reduce spillage; install baffles;
widen chute.
16. Impact of material on belt: Reduce impact by improving chute design; install impact idlers.
17. Material trapped between belt and pulley: Install plows or scrapers on the return run ahead of the tail
18. Belt edges folding up on structure: Same corrections as for 1.2.3; install limit switches;
provide more clearance.
19. Dirty, stuck, or misaligned return rolls: Remove accumulations; install cleaning devices; use
self-cleaning return rolls; improve maintenance and lubrication.
20. Cover quality too low: Replace with the belt of heavier cover gauge or higher quality rubber or
other elastomer.

Take Care of Your Conveyor, and it Will Take Care of You!
21. Spilled oil or grease, over-lubrication of idlers: Improve housekeeping; reduce the quantity of
grease used; check grease seals.
22. Wrong type of fastener, fasteners too tight or too loose: Use proper fasteners and splice
technique; set up a schedule for regular fastener inspection.
23. Heat or chemical damage: Use a belt designed for specific conditions.
24. Fastener plates too long for pulley size: Replace with smaller fasteners; increase pulley size.
25. Improper transition between the troughed belt and terminal pulleys: Adjust transition.
26. Severe convex (hump) vertical curve: Decrease idler spacing in a curve; increase curve radius.
27. Excessive forward tilt of trough rolls: Reduce forward tilt of idlers to no more than 2 degrees
from vertical.
28. Excess gap between idler rolls: Replace idlers; replace with a heavier belt.
29. Insufficient transverse stiffness: Replace with the proper belt.
30. Pulleys too small: Use larger diameter pulleys.
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