Cody Barney Rocks

Mellott is going to put one of our Mellott University students in the hot seat once a month throughout the school year. We have chosen Cody Barney of Berkeley Springs High School to be Mellott University’s Student of the Month for September. Dave Coleman, Technical Trainer, had this to say about Cody, “Cody has held perfect attendance from the start. He shows a lot of dedication with a positive attitude toward learning all that we have to offer here at Mellott. Cody currently holds the highest-grade average in his Mellott University academic curriculum, as well as scoring the highest on his oxy-acetylene practical exam. Cody has been a great addition to our program, and we are very excited to see where his growth with the company takes us.”

Learning through fun is how it’s done!
Funny enough, after speaking with Cody, it turns out that Dave is Cody’s favorite part of Mellott University. He worked in the restaurant business prior to coming onboard with Mellott. He loves being treated like an adult here and working with old heads like Dave 🙂 because they have so much knowledge.

Teaching students our number one value, SAFETY!
Cody is still going to high school in the morning and wishes he could just be at Mellott all day. He said, “The Service Team was so welcoming when I started, and I thought it would take them a while to warm up to him, but they treated me like one of the pack from day one.“ Cody added, “”If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it right the first time, so you don’t have to do it over.” Sounds like he’s on the right track already!

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