Benefits Of The Metso Lokotrack LT1213 Impactor Crushing Plant


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With over a century of experience manufacturing heavy-duty crushing equipment, Metso has established itself as an industry leader in rock-crushing technology. The Lokotrack LT1213 is Metso’s flagship fully mobile impactor plant, providing high-capacity and versatile crushing in a compact and easy-to-use package.

If you need maximum crushing productivity for applications such as limestone quarrying or concrete and asphalt recycling, the Metso LT1213 delivers significant advantages that can benefit your operations.

Crush More with High Capacity

At the heart of the Lokotrack LT1213 is the proven Nordberg NP1213M horizontal shaft impact (HSI) crusher, equipped with an extra-large 52” x 35.5” feed opening to maximize throughput. The plant is driven by a powerful 415 hp CAT diesel engine that gives the unit plenty of crushing force.

The large crusher inlet and high horsepower ensure the LT1213 has exceptional crushing capabilities. The LT1213 is designed to achieve a high crushing ratio. Even when processing hard and abrasive materials such as granite, the LT1213 has the power to reduce large feed material down to small, precisely sized end products.

The NP1213M crusher onboard utilizes heavy-duty blow bars and an adjustable rotor speed to pulverize stone efficiently and produce consistent-sized output. Overall, the high-performance components of the Lokotrack LT1213 give it tremendous crushing potential.

When paired with secondary or tertiary units, the LT1213 can form the core of a high-tonnage crushing operation. More tons per hour means hitting your daily quotas faster. The LT1213 has the muscle for high-volume primary crushing, letting you get more end product produced each day.

 Lt1213 FloridaCrush Smarter with Advanced Control

While brute force helps drive crushing productivity, brains are also important. Metso equips the Lokotrack LT1213 with an innovative IC process control system. IC gives you intelligent real-time control over the crushing process, optimizing the performance of the crusher. It lets you monitor important parameters such as crushing power and adjust them for maximum efficiency.

With the wireless ICr system, you can take process control even further. ICr enables remote monitoring and adjustment of the LT1213 from the cab of your loader or excavator. You don’t need to stop work and check on the crusher.

Save time and improve productivity by making changes on the fly from the comfort of your machine cab. ICr also allows linking multiple crushing units for a fully automated process.

Advanced electronics give you smarter crushing. Let automation and intelligence do the optimization work so you can focus on production. Smarter crushing means more efficient crushing.

Crush in More Applications with Versatility

lokotrack lt series mobile crushers crushing plantsJob sites demand versatility from modern crushing equipment. The LT1213 delivers flexibility no matter what the application. As a fully mobile impactor plant, it lets you crush on-site and then quickly move to the next job. Tracked mobility over rough terrain gets the crusher where it needs to be.

The NP1213M impactor onboard also provides versatile crushing functionality. Its adjustable curtains give you better control over particle size and shape. Change curtain settings to produce precisely the output you need for the job. NP1213M crushers handle everything from soft to medium-hard rock.

An optional onboard screen takes the Lokotrack LT1213’s versatility up another level. The LT1213S configuration includes a large dual-slope screen for precise onboard screening after crushing.

You get accurate screening and highly consistent end products in a single compact plant. For recycling jobs, add options such as metal detection and magnets for removing steel contaminants from crushed concrete or asphalt.

The versatility of the LT1213 means you get one machine suitable for diverse applications. Crush limestone. Recycle concrete. Produce aggregate. This mobile impactor plant has the flexibility to adapt to different needs.

Save Fuel with Efficient Operation

Crushing tons of heavy stones requires a lot of energy. The LT1213 is designed for optimal efficiency and reduced fuel consumption. The crusher is driven directly via a specifically designed gearbox. This efficient power transmission and an optimized hydraulic system mean the LT1213 uses 20% less fuel than competing crushers.

More efficient operation means lower fuel costs per ton of material produced. Less fuel used also means reduced carbon emissions from the diesel engine. Hydraulics that consume less power equates to more power available for actual crushing work. With efficiency gains like these, your bottom line sees financial and environmental benefits.


Maintain Safety and Convenience

Metso engineers designed the Lokotrack LT1213 from the ground up for maximum safety during operation and maintenance. Multiple access platforms provide safe entry points to all areas of the plant.

The crusher is also conveniently equipped with hydraulic locks and automated greasing for safe and simple maintenance work. The unique radial side conveyor is another handy feature. You can discharge crushed material to either side of the LT1213 plant.

The folding conveyors allow quick transport and setup between jobs. Convenient hopper extensions provide extra loading capacity when needed. Overall, thoughtful design makes the LT1213 effective to transport, safe to operate, and simple to service.

Optimize Your Crushing with Mellott

The Lokotrack LT1213 delivers a potent mix of high crushing capacity, process control, application versatility, operational efficiency, and convenient operation. It truly optimizes impact-crushing performance.

To fully leverage the benefits of the LT1213 for your business, rely on the expertise of Mellott. Our specialists can help you select the right LT1213 configuration for your applications and provide ongoing support to keep it running productively. Contact us today at 888.621.8533 or online.