An In-Depth Look at The Metso HP300 Cone Crusher

The Metso HP300 cone crusher is a versatile and highly productive machine frequently seen as a secondary or tertiary crusher in aggregate operations and mining plants. It’s part of Metso’s popular HP series cone crushers that have become the go-to option for high-performance crushing across industries.

Even though it’s considered a medium-sized model in the HP lineup, the HP300 punches above its weight class when it comes to capabilities.

This unit combines speed, eccentric throw, and cavity design in just the right amounts to deliver consistently high throughput, a high reduction ratio, and the production of top-quality end products.

A Quick Overview of the HP300

HP 300The HP300 is engineered to be a workhorse. It has a robust build and is designed to stand up to years of hard-crushing work. In mining applications, it’s well suited to process run-of-mine material from a primary crusher further down to a size acceptable for grinding and beneficiation.

In aggregate operations, the HP300 produces finished products such as crushed stone, gravel, and specialty sands for construction. Its flexibility makes it a common sight in the secondary and tertiary crushing stages.

The HP300 often works in closed-circuit operations with screens to produce the final material with the desired specifications. Its combination of high drive power, steep crushing chamber angle, and increased speed gives the HP300 tremendous crushing force power.

Despite its ability to accept feed up to 241 mm (9.5 in), this machine can produce a fine end product down to 6 mm when needed. It truly exemplifies the versatility that makes the HP series so popular worldwide.

Innovative Design for Better Performance

The engineers at Metso designed the HP300 for optimal crushing efficiency. Its higher rotational speeds and eccentric throw allow greater crushing force to be generated compared to other crushers in its size class.

This enables exceptional throughput capacity without sacrificing quality. The HP300 can achieve high reduction ratios while maintaining a cubical end-product shape.

Its steep chamber angle and higher density inside the crushing zone improve inter-particle crushing for excellent results in terms of particle shape.

Some key design elements that enable the HP300’s performance include:

  • A combination of cavity design, eccentricity, and crusher speed provides a higher capacity
  • Increased stroke, power, and retaining force improve crushing force
  • The crushing chamber is shaped for higher density and better reduction
  • High-efficiency electric motors reduce energy consumption
  • A large 241mm feed opening handles the intake of bigger material
  • Tramp release system for protection from uncrushable material
  • Excellent access to components from the top and dual hydraulic cylinders for maintenance

Efficiency and Cost Savings

HP300 swap out componentIn addition to high performance, the HP300 also boasts lower operating costs per ton compared to competitors. Its efficient electric motors minimize energy consumption, which reduces power costs. Fewer crusher stages are needed to achieve final material sizing, further improving energy efficiency.

The optimized speed and cavity design also play a role in more efficient crushing. The HP300 is able to produce a finer product than other crushers with bigger settings. This capability saves costs by eliminating the need for additional downstream crushing stages.

When compared to other crushers in its size class, the HP300 has a higher output capacity, density in the chamber, and reduction ratio. This translates to higher production of quality material using the same energy input.

All of these factors add up to a lower cost of ownership while still delivering high throughput. In today’s competitive aggregates and mining landscape, efficiency and cost control are key. The HP300 delivers on both fronts.

Safety and Maintenance

Worker safety and easy maintenance were key priorities for Metso when designing the HP300. The interior is readily accessible from the top for visual checks and routine servicing. Quick removal of the bowl also simplifies liner changes.

The unit incorporates dual-acting hydraulic cylinders that allow tramp metal or other uncrushables to safely pass through while also providing a large clearing stroke if needed. Guards around rotating components and emergency stop buttons add further protection for ground personnel.

Other safety and maintenance features include:

    • Accessibility from the top without backing compound makes service easier
  • Rotation of the bowl by hydraulic motor simplifies liner changes
  • Heavy-duty guarding for rotating parts
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders for quick and safe clearing of uncrushables
  • Components designed for extended life between maintenance
  • Spherical socket design requires minimal maintenance

Reliable and Durable

HP300 Swap OutThe heavy-duty construction of the HP300 utilizes quality materials that can easily withstand the rigors of crushing. The main shaft, bearings, hydraulic components, and other parts are built to last for extended service life between repairs.

Innovations such as the floating shaft seal and tramp release system with accumulators ensure instant protection and fast recovery from overload events.

This keeps the HP300 crushing along shift after shift with minimal unplanned downtime over many years of operation. Some units have accumulated over 30,000 hours and are still running strong.

Metso offers different levels of protection and durability based on the expected application:

  • Standard heavy-duty design for typical intermittent crushing duty
  • Heavy-duty design with 10% extra thickness for very abrasive materials
  • Extra-heavy-duty version for extremely abrasive or continuous applications

Work with Mellott to Find the Right Metso Crusher for Your Application

The Metso HP300 is clearly a flexible, high-performing cone crusher suitable for diverse crushing needs. As an authorized Metso distributor, Mellott can help you determine if the Metso HP300 is right for your operations.

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