TEMA ISENMANN Rocks Quarry Life

Wear panels can be a struggle at times to install.

They bring hot work permits, attendants, grinding, and welding. What if there is a product that could increase safety, decrease downtime, and give you the ability to easily remove a worn panel and install a single new panel? We not only have that product but use it ourselves.

Tema WS2.10 is a polyurethane magnetic panel that increases safety and decreases downtime ensuring that you have ease of installation and limit the manpower needed. WS2.10 can be adjusted to a durometer and build height to fit your needs.

Install is a breeze with cleaned metal simply align the panel where you need it and let the magnets do the rest of the work.

This means that it is custom built to your application bringing less worry about liner changes and more focus on the goals you need to reach. These panels can be custom designed to fit whatever area you need to protect, and with the ability to replace a bad panel means cost savings down the road.

Take it from us, we personally utilize these panels, and the results are amazing!

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