Top Five Uses For Concrete Crushers

concrete crusher in use at a site

Concrete crushers are an important part of the aggregate production process. They are used to break down large chunks of concrete into smaller pieces that can be used in construction projects and can help to properly prepare for and execute important projects. It is important to understand that there are different types of concrete crushers that each have their own specific purpose.

Common Uses For Concrete Crushers

Understanding the type of concrete crusher to use for your project can be critical to saving your time and efficacy. Here is a look at the five most common uses for concrete crushers in the aggregate production and construction industries:

1. Recycling old concrete into new, usable concrete

concrete crusher in a quarry with multiple conveyor belts used to place materials in transportation vehiclesConcrete crushers are heavy-duty machines that can be used for recycling old concrete into new, usable concrete. By using a concrete crusher, you can recycle old concrete into aggregate for use in new concrete projects. Additionally, using recycled concrete can help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and improve any project’s environmental footprint.

2. Crushing large rocks into smaller rocks

The main use of concrete crushers is to reduce bigger chunks of aggregate materials into more workable blends of materials. Concrete crushers can do this in a variety of different ways. Depending on the unique details of your project, you may need to opt for a certain type of crusher based on the specifics of your project deliverables.

3. Concrete crushers can be used for reducing the size of construction debris

Reducing the size of construction debris is important for a few reasons. First, smaller debris is easier and safer to handle, which can lead to less time and money spent on labor. Second, smaller debris takes up less space, which can be important when trying to fit a demolition project into a tight area, timeline or budget. Finally, smaller debris is easier and quicker to recycle, which can help divert waste from landfills.

4. Concrete crushers can be used for quarries to crush stones into gravel or sand

Concrete crushers are often used for pulverizing large pieces of concrete into gravel or sand. This is often done at quarries, where there is a need to break down the large pieces of concrete into smaller pieces that can be easily transported. When there are buildups of extra materials at quarries that are not being used, concrete crushers are often brought in to reduce these bigger pieces into sand or gravel aggregate that can be used in landscaping, construction, or other types of projects.

5. Prepare construction sites for a new build or redevelopment

Concrete crushers are a necessary tool for the preparation of construction sites. They can be used to prepare the site for a new build or redevelopment by crushing and removing existing concrete structures that may remain after demolition or that may be left over in certain steps of the process. This makes it easier to work with the underlying soil and prepares the surface for new construction.

Concrete crushers can also be used to recycle concrete blocks or rubble and make it available for reuse in construction projects. This can save time and money, and help to put the available materials at the site to good use.

How To Choose The Right Concrete Crusher

cone crusher used as concrete crusherWhen it comes to selecting the right concrete crusher for your aggregate production and construction requirements, it is important to know what type of crusher will best fit your needs. There are two main types of crushers that will be opted for in most cases: jaw and cone crushers. Jaw crushers are typically used for primary crushing, while cone crushers are used for secondary and tertiary crushing.

To choose the right concrete crusher, it is essential to consider the following factors:

The maximum size of the material you want to crush

Some concrete crushers can only handle small loads, while others can handle larger loads. If you are unsure of what size concrete crusher to select, consult with a professional crushing contractor.

The maximum throughput or production you need

When selecting a concrete crusher, it is important to consider the maximum throughput you need. This will ensure that you select a machine that is capable of handling your production needs. If you select a crusher that is too small, you may find yourself struggling to keep up with demand. Conversely, if you select a crusher that is too large, you may be wasting your budget and valuable resources.

The type of material you will be crushing (concrete, asphalt, etc.)

When selecting a concrete crusher, it is important to consider the type of material you will be crushing. Some concrete crushers are designed to crush specific types of materials, and making the wrong choice can result in delays or breakdowns. This can cause a significant loss of money and time in your time-sensitive projects.

Finding the Perfect Concrete Crusher For Your Use Case

At Mellott, we are the experts in concrete crushers. Our extensive experience allows us to help you choose the concrete crusher that is perfectly suited for your project’s unique needs, budget, and materials. For more information, reach out to our team of professionals today at (855) 554-1606.