Rodney Divelbliss Awarded the Paul C. & Forrest R. Mellott Annual Leadership Award

The Paul C. & Forrest R. Mellott Annual Leadership Award is presented to a Mellott employee in recognition of outstanding leadership qualities. Each year, the recipient is selected by Paul, Herm, and Brian Mellott based on the achievement of specific measurable personal and organizational goals.

The recipient of this award is honored for demonstrating leadership in Mellott’s core values: Safety, Integrity, Commitment, Respect, and Excellence. Additionally, those who receive this award are required to have ten plus years of experience with Mellott. They also must be nominated by a senior manager and must exhibit the difference between “being a boss and being a leader”.

Please join us in congratulating Rodney Divelbliss on receiving this honor in 2023.

Rodney started with Mellott when he was just 19 years old and committed his entire working career of 45 years to Mellott. He has served in roles to varying degrees as a technician. His mechanical aptitude and background have served him well. Like most mechanics, his attention to detail supports his strong trouble-shooting skills.

Rodney’s easygoing leadership style helps with his most recent endeavor of supporting Mellott University students. The students are inspired by Rodney’s ability to provide hands-on leadership to their Mellott University experience. His connection to Mellott University has proven to have a positive impact on the students’ experience as well as developing their ability to jumpstart a career at Mellott. One of our most value-added goals at Mellott is to build career-oriented people like Rodney.

Amongst other qualities, at Mellott, we define a leader as someone who “focuses on coaching employees, depends on goodwill, generates enthusiasm, and shows how it’s done”. Rodney certainly is a wonderful leader and asset to our company.