Jay Buterbaugh, Technician Aggregate Services, here at Mellott, recently was awarded his Master Electrician License. His story is one that validates the infamous Winston Churchill quote: “Never never never give up!”

Jay Rocks!

Jay wanted to acquire the Master Electrician License because he wanted to have more knowledge in his field, and be able to pull permits, and it allowed him to have more people working under him. You must show at least 2 years (24 months) or 4,000 hours of actual, hands-on electrical work experience to qualify to take the test.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

The first time Jay took the test he received a 78% and it takes 80% or higher to pass. So, he made it a point to study every chance he got to prepare for his second time taking the test. Jay said, “When I walked out of there the second time after taking the test, I knew I passed. I gave all my books to other friends and coworkers that wanted to take the test, because I knew I would not need them anymore.” He received an even lower score of 72%. He was shocked to say the least.

Third time is the charm.

Jay decided he would take the test one more time and if he failed that would be it. The test consists of five questions, on five pages that are stapled together. The instructor for the test reminded everyone that if they wanted credit for their work to put their name on every page. Jay knew immediately why he had not passed the second exam and quite possibly the first as well, he had not put his name on every page of the test. Jay passed that final test with a 94%. “When you fail at something that you tried your best at you have to brush it off and think if it was easy would it mean as much to you.” Jay said in reflecting back on his difficult journey.

Mellott is proud to have employees like Jay, who never never never give up!