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Oct. 20, 2020

For over four decades, Butler-based Amerikohl Mining had built a thriving business out of coal. But as demand for their core product became unsteady in the early part of the 2010s, the family-owned company realized they would need to diversify to remain stable and continue their growth.

They came up with a plan: Open new lines of business to reduce the volatility in demand for their products.

“I liken it to a three-legged stool,” John Stilley, the company’s president, explained to the Pittsburgh Tribune in 2015. “If one of those posts is a little wobbly, you have the other two posts to provide some stability for the company.”

To achieve that stability, the company would need to successfully open and maintain an aggregate quarry. While Amerikohl owned their own quarry, they needed help to get a start into uncharted territory.

Amerikohl Aggregates began to search for a business partner that could help them to pull it off.

The Search for a Comprehensive Crusher

“We needed a serious contract crusher,” remembers Jamie Stilley, Amerikohl Aggregate’s Vice President. “We wanted someone who was reliable, with good equipment, and, ideally, with their own shop.”

They quickly realized that Mellott checked the boxes.

“We were familiar with Mellott from being in a few of the same associations in the area,” Jamie notes, “so we began to consult with them on opening up this aggregate quarry, and it became clear that they were a good fit for us.”

“From top to bottom, they’re a one-stop shop with great expertise in every aspect of the business. You just don’t find that with many companies.”

The Road to a Successful Quarry

For the past eight years, the relationship between the two companies has paid dividends.

James Levy, Vice President and General Manager of Crushing and Service Operations at Mellott, has worked with Amerikohl Aggregates for the entirety of the project, and he is proud of the results the partnership has been able to achieve.

“Amerikohl came to us without much experience in portable crushing and processing or starting green field crushing sites,” he remembers, “and we were able to consult with them and get their quarry up and running quickly with the right equipment. We used a mobile crushing plant at first, then built things out from there.”

It took significant effort to get that first quarry off the ground. In addition to designing and installing the crushing plant, Mellott brought in its own expert team for plant operations which included hauling the shot rock and feeding the primary.

One of the most impactful benefits Mellott was able to bring to the table was consistency of spec product. By leveraging Mellott’s crushing experience and versatility, Amerikohl was able to meet fluctuating market demand, maintain Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s specifications, and minimize plant related downtime.

“[Mellott] is always available and always quick to adapt to our needs,” says Jamie. “They can tweak plants to our products and tonnages – they don’t miss a beat.”

Amerikohl has increasingly gained the trust, respect, and business from their aggregate consumers. Jamie credits much of that to the quality of product Mellott is able to provide.   “They’re the best contract crushing company in the business and their other businesses are top notch as well,” he says.

The Future Is Bright

These days, Amerikohl has built an impressive aggregate business. “They’re a major force in the aggregate industry now,” Jim Levy notes. “With the experience they’ve gotten working with us, they’ve been able to open up two new quarries on their own. That’s rewarding to see.”

“It started out as a business agreement, but it’s turned into friendship,” he says. “Amerikohl has become a great partner for us.”

Jamie Stilley agrees. “I think the success of our first engagement with that quarry speaks for itself,” he says, “And as we open up new quarries, I know there will be more to come.”

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And check out a short video on one of the plants Mellott and Amerikohl have worked on together below.