Employee Spotlight: Les Morris

Group of Berkeley Springs students standing in front of the Mellott offices

Les, Morris, Mellott’s Technical Trainer, has been an asset to Mellott University and overall training program from the moment he walked in the door. When I met up with Les to discuss his experience at Mellott to date, this is what he had to say, “My experience here at Mellott has been very rewarding so far. I truly enjoy working with each department to identify our training needs and then developing plans to meet those needs. It’s been a real challenge and each department has welcomed my input. I appreciate their collaborative mindset and our goal is to develop a quality plan for all our employees.”

Les, went into great detail about what changes he has made and what his plans are for the future:

Continued Development:
o Restarted the Mellott Tech program
o Expanded our area of recruitment for Mellott Tech to Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia:
o Restructured the curriculum for Mellott Tech
o Presented Mellott opportunities (Internships, Mellott Tech, Employment, etc.) to area school professionals for joint promotion of our company and the trade industry.
o Built relationships in our local schools and communities for brand recognition
o Creation of a registered Pennsylvania Pre-Apprentice and Apprentice program
o Creation and implementing a new onboarding process for Mellott employees
o Development of a training team to include subject matter experts (SME’s) from within our departments
o Development of a companywide training documentation program from within the IFS system
o Development of an equipment specific training plan for Marion Equipment in NC

o Development of a Mentor program
o Implementation of the Mellott University Train the Trainer Program
o Modernizing the Vehicle Task Training Program
o Expanding professional development opportunities for current Mellott employees

“It’s been a busy start here at Mellott and I’m excited to be a part of our growing company. Over the course of the next year, I will be continuing to modify the Mellott University programs that are in development now, and I welcome any feedback to make these programs successful. I enjoy the opportunities to engage with our employees and adjust to the needs of our industry and company.”

“I’m not always looking to change processes, but I’m looking for what works best for the employee and the company. These are just a few of the many questions I ask myself daily. What works? What doesn’t? Who does it well? Do we need to create a change in our process? How can I develop a plan to duplicate the success stories from within our company or industry?”

“I’m grateful to Mellott for providing me with an opportunity to utilize my career experiences. The trust that has been given to me to make a positive impact is humbling. It is my goal to build relationships within our company, to address the challenges our employees and company faces daily and to make a difference every day.”
It’s obvious that Les is very passionate about his position here at Mellott, and has embraced the aggregate industry. He has done amazing things so far and the future of Mellott University and training programs are looking incredibly bright! Apply today to be a part of Mellott’s winning team! https://mellottcompany.com/careers/