5 Things To Know About Mobile Crushers

mobile crusher in use on a crushing site

Mobile crushers are track-mounted or wheeled rock crushing plants that are easily portable on and between production sites. These can be cost-efficient and highly productive machines – but you may have a few questions about their usage.

Mellott is here to help. Here are answers to five common questions about mobile rock crushers.

1. What types of mobile crushers are available?

Mobile crushers are available in many types including mobile cone crushers, mobile jaw crushers, and numerous mobile screening plants. At Mellott, we build, distribute, and install a wide variety of mobile crushers that can be tailored to crush to nearly any specifications.

Our available mobile crusher brands include Metso Lokotraks such as the LT116, Eagle Portable Impact Plants, and Doppstadt Trommel Screens. We also design and fabricate our own plants, and even create some ourselves, including the MC300HPS-CC Portable Cone Plant. You can view our inventory of mobile crushers and available parts at crushers-plus.com.

2. What are the benefits and drawbacks of mobile crushers?

In other words, why would you opt for a mobile crushing plant over a stationary crusher?

The answer is fairly obvious: mobile crushers and mobile screen units can be moved. They are easier to assemble, dissemble, and they can be shifted to different sites as situations change. Additionally, because they tend to be smaller and require less extensive work to set up, they incur a lower upfront cost. Their main drawback is that they may not be able to match the throughput of stationary crushing plants.

3. When should mobile crushers be used?

With those benefits and drawbacks in mind, it follows that there are certain scenarios when mobile crushers make more sense.

Mobile crushers are ideal when there are multiple sites that will require non-simultaneous crushing of similar materials. Let’s say that you’ll be crushing to stone #8 at one site this year, and that you anticipate doing the same at another site next year. A mobile crusher can be set up at the first site, then dissembled and passed to the other site as it’s needed.

Even if multi-site use isn’t likely, mobile crushers are often the best option when crushing will be a short-term activity. If crushing must be accomplished quickly, there may not be enough time to set up a stationary plant. If a crushing site will only be active for six months, a stationary plant may not be worth the investment. Short-term crushing lends itself to portable crushers.

4. How does the process of ordering a mobile crusher work?

If you’re considering ordering a mobile crusher, here’s what the process typically looks like.

First, our project application engineers consult with you to determine your needs. If you have a clear-cut idea of what you are after, that’s great – but even if you don’t, our team can help you identify the best crushing system for your project.

Next, we build your mobile crusher to your specifications. This generally takes between six-to-eight weeks, although the time will vary depending on your needs. A primary crusher takes the longest to assemble; secondary crushers require less, tertiary crushers still less, and so on down the line.

Finally, we transport the crusher to your site and offer setup and startup assistance. We prefer to test the machine out at the site to ensure that it’s covered under warranties.

5. Why Mellott?

If you are considering a mobile crusher, here’s why it makes sense to choose a machine from Mellott.

Our Applications Engineers The Best In The Industry

We have decades of experience in designing crushers to fit your needs and we have the ability to nail down exactly what our clients are looking for.

We Custom-fit Machines To Your Needs

Other crusher suppliers only provide certain brands of equipment. We offer tailor-made portable equipment to suit the needs of any site. That means we can customize a machine to your needs. Take our MC300HPS-CC Portable Cone Plant, which includes a cone crusher, 3 deck horizontal screen, and multiple conveyors designed for our customers’ needs, with other customizable features.

Real Feedback From Our Crushing Team

Finally, our biggest advantage in crushing comes from our own crushing teams. Whenever you work with Mellott you can rest assured that our recommendations reflect the most effective and efficient rock crushing practices with our in-house industry-grade mobile crushing equipment.

We created our mobile crusher product line because, decades ago, our contract crushing teams wanted better equipment. Instead of buying it from others, we began to construct it ourselves. Today, we’re able to create industry-leading machines that our own customers use. They offer us valuable feedback to continually improve.

We win when we build better crushers – and if you choose a Mellott rock crusher, you’ll win, too.

Ready to get started with a mobile crusher from Mellott?

We hope this information has been helpful as you consider the aggregate crushing needs at your site.
If you’re considering whether a mobile crusher may be right for you – or if you have a question that wasn’t included on this list – get in touch with us.

At Mellott, we’re experts at navigating the different components of crusher selection, setup, and maintenance. We can discuss if a mobile crusher may be the right solution to your needs and we can give you guidance into selecting a machine that will be the best fit possible. Get in touch with us online today or at 855.554.1606, and let’s get your mobile crushing questions answered.